Experience The Wide Ranging Delicious Dishes In Uzbekistan & Get The Real Feel Of Uzbekistan Tours

Experience The Wide Ranging Delicious Dishes In Uzbekistan & Get The Real Feel Of Uzbekistan Tours

Seriously, no trip in the world is complete without filling up your empty stomach and it is really true with the proverb, “No fight can be fought or no mountain can be scaled on empty stomachs.” Thus, if you are really planning for a great tour, then you must also plan or make a research about the delicious recipes & food items available in that host country especially when you are preparing for central Asian or Uzbekistan Tours for the very first time in your life. As far as the food of Uzbekistan is concerned, it is one of the most aromatic & appetizing in nature.  

Some of these recipes have a century’s old history behind them besides the procedure for preparing such food. Once on the soil of Uzbek’s land, people in this country will treat you with food like different types of plov, soups & Samsa that will be not only exotic, hearty but it will also be very healthy & full of flavor

Thus, there is a wide range of delicious food & dishes which are available in different Uzbekistan Destinations are as follows:-

1.    Tempting Lagman Soup     

Most of the people in the world might have tasted tomato soup or chicken soup, but have you ever tried out the Lagman soup made up of Uzbek’s ingredients. It is a spicy, meaty potage filled with good chunks of lamb, handspun noodles & vegetables. Interestingly, it also comes in a non-soup version thus, if you are going to any restaurant or dinner while on Uzbekistan Travel for lunch or dinner please try to taste both the versions & we are pretty sure, you will be asking for more, in case you have some great knack for non-veg items.


Tempting Lagman Soup


2.    Egg Plant Salad Also Known As "Boyemjon"

In a central Asian country like Uzbekistan, the tradition regarding eating a meal always starts off with some kind of starter such as salad appetizer like a dish which combines freshly sliced eggplant, radishes & pepper on a bed of green vegetables sprinkled with a decorated aromatic eggplant. Besides that, most of the Uzbekistan food items & dishes are shared in a family style scenario.




3.    Weird But Tasty-Chuchvara Soup       

Sometimes during the Uzbekistan Toursyou will come across numerous types of soups and some of their names might even sound very weird to you like this one known as Chuchvara Soup. Thus, it is the type of dish in which small dumplings are boiled in salt water & then they are served with sour milk seasoned or sprinkled further with pepper & other ingredients such as onion, tomato paste, black pepper & sour cream. While sipping the soup slowly & slowly,   travelers will acknowledge that it is something better than the regular ones such as chicken, tomato or a veg soup or a combined version of all the three.


Weird But Tasty-Chuchvara Soup


4.    Wedding Pulav or Festive Plov

It is a delightful rice mixture of bits of meat, grated carrots as well as onions with a clove of roasted garlic on top. This type of dish is mostly cooked during festivals or celebrations, especially during weddings or engagements. Hence during all such events, it is cooked in large quantities. In some cases, locals invite even foreign travellers who are on Tour Uzbekistan and if you are one of them then please consider yourself to be very lucky because you will get this delicious meal in large quantities to appease the hunger of your stomach.


Wedding Pulav or Festive Plov


5.    Delicious Tashkent Salad      

Some people are not a big fan of eating salad. But that’s about to change while on your tours specifically dedicated to Uzbekistan Holidays. This tangy & tantalizing dish is named after the capital itself. Those who don’t know how it’s made, then please have a brief overview of it. To make the items such as boiled beef tongue, radishes & fresh greens generously coated as the special yogurt dressing topped with crunchy fried onions. 


Tashkent Salad


6.    Mouth Watering Manty     

It is the type of steamed & sweet dumplings that are made up of following ingredients such as lamb, beef, cabbage, potato or pumpkin. Moreover, it is normally topped with butter & might be served to visitors with sour cream & different types of Ketchup. Not just that even freshly sliced onions are sprinkled with either vinegar or black pepper. You can request the locals to pack one of those in large quantity before saying farewell to them. You can eat at regular intervals while returning home from your Uzbekistan Trip.


Mouth Watering Manty


Thus, Uzbekistan Tours is not all about its attractions, monuments or places it is also about their food that the locals make here with so much love and dedication. Moreover, you can afford numerous mouth-watering recipes here at an affordable cost. While eating their food, you are really going to feel the warmth & love they have contributed to making these food items. Please visit us @ minzifatravel.com to know more about the places, people and of course about their food. The packages are really very affordable in nature to tempt you or any other customer to choose any one of them.