Kyrgyzstan Cultural Tour


The Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan is known for its mountain ranges and picturesque mountain lakes. But culturally, the country is equally unique and fascinating. From what started as a nomadic settlement, the country underwent a period of immigration, conquest, and introduction of different religions and faiths which led to its formation of its current culture. In these cultural tours, you’ll get to know the country and people of Kyrgyzstan better.

Culture Of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan shares much of its cultural similarity with the lifestyle of horse-based nomads of the Central Asia. Due to the pervasive nomadic lifestyle of Kyrgyzs and absence of written language, their ancestors have not left behind much written literature or visual art forms. Their culture has passed from generation to generation verbally. And much of what we know today about the region is because of the chronicles of other dynasties like Buddhists, Chinese, or Mongols who visited the region at some point in the history and depicted it in their memoirs or other prominent books. They were described as red haired with fair complexion people in early Chinese chronicles. Kyrgyz culture has been described as a mix of Turkish and Mongol culture. The first Turkic tribe to have inhabited the region were G’kt’rks in 552 AD, while the Mongols arrived in mid 13th Century. The northern part of the country was a combination of nomadic and settled where agriculture was practised, whereas the southern part was more Islamic in nature. Such co- existence of different form of cultures is unique in entire Central Asia. The Russian influence on Kyrgyz is evident too. During the soviet era, much of the region was urbanized and economy started to rise. They founded many theatres and orchestras and encouraged the Kyrgyz art forms and traditions. From there, they spread across the neighboring region and present day Kyrgyzstan and far into the Tian Shan mountain range.

Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked country which is 80% mountainous. Tien Shan mountain system covers majority of the area and 94% of the country lies above an elevation of 1,000 meters above sea level. There are thousands of big and small streams and rivers running downhill from these snow-covered mountains. Furthermore, equally large numbers of mountain lakes exist in this country, one of which is the second biggest in the world. These mountainous features make this seemingly cut off from the rest of the region. Even though it remains isolated from the rest of the Central Asian region, if had always been an important integral part of the historical Silk Road route.

Below Are Our Kyrgyzstan Cultural Tour Packages:

Kyrgyzstan Cultural Tour

Visit all the culturally important sites of Kyrgyzstan along with a trip to the villages where nomadic lifestyle prevails.

Kyrgyzstan In-Depth

Deep dive into the history, culture, and heritages of Kyrgyzstan in this tour package.

Ancient Sites of Kyrgyzstan

Visit all the famous and lesser-known sites of Kyrgyzstan.

Kyrgyzstan Architectural Tour

Admire the unique architecture of Kyrgyzstan which is a mix of Soviet and Middle East.

Around Lake Issyk-Kul

Take a trip to the lake Issyk Kul, the second largest saline lake in the world.

Kyrgyzstan’s Best Lakes

Visit the best mountain lakes of Kyrgyzstan surrounded by snow-peaked mountains.

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