Kyrgyzstan Ski Tours


Picture waking up in a traditional Yurt, in the middle of the snow-capped Tien Shan mountains. With mountains covering 94% of the country, which the Silk Road once weaved through and the Mongols and then Russians later occupied, Kyrgyzstan is for skiers what a primed canvas is for painters. Once you escape from the capital Bishkek, civilization is quickly devoured by the elements.

In winter, vast expanses are covered by ice and snow, with a few odd ribbons of road cutting across landscapes otherwise little altered since carved by the glaciers that remain partly visible. Optimistically dubbed the “Switzerland of Central Asia” following the dissolution of the USSR, Kyrgyzstan is home to the Tian Shan range (celestial mountains in Chinese), which extends into neighbouring China, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan.

Kyrgyzstan is a Central Asian nation that has earned its epithet “the Alps of Central Asia” from the tremendous, hilly territory that covers 90% of the nation.

Two popular mountain ranges go through it, the Tien Shan and Pamir Mountains, making it a skier’s heaven. Snowcapped mountains are the regular setting for a significant part of the nation and offer skiers a scope of choices for a ski vacation.

Heli-Ski Tours

Heli-skiing avoids the ski lifts and takes skiers specifically to high, difficult to achieve mountain pinnacles and drops them off through helicopter. These skiing visits are well known in Kyrgyzstan in light of the fact that the entire experience is an adrenaline surge.

Kyrgyzstan’s season for these visits is by and large amongst November and April relying upon which area you intend to ski. Hope to ski in heights between 3,000-4,500metres. Heli-skiing visits are suggested for an amateur to rookie skiers.

Backcountry Skiing

“No trails. No limits. Simply skiing in the wild wherever your heart wants.”

This is viewed as the most dangerous sort of skiing for free-skiers on the grounds that the snowpack and land have not been overviewed, kept up, or watched. Nonetheless, for skiers searching for this sort of opportunity in a visit, Kyrgyzstan’s guides can help recognize which regions are protected, making it an ideal place for freeride skiing.

It is easy to locate an open mountainside to ski on than one that is beyond reach in Kyrgyzstan.

Cross Country Ski Tours

For travellers looking for both enjoyment and exercise on their ski vacation in Kyrgyzstan, cross-country skiing is the way to go.

For travellers looking for both excitement and adventure on their ski jaunt in Kyrgyzstan, cross-country skiing is the right choice. Amid cross-country visits, skiers impel themselves forward by depending on their skis and posts, not common height plummets.

Ski Bases

Anyone who is searching for a laid-back escape to simply mess around with companions or family, ordinary ski bases are copious in Kyrgyzstan.

Skiing is as yet a fairly new marvel in Central Asia, so ski bases in Kyrgyzstan aren’t as invade as in places with a long history of ski tourism.

There are 15 bases skiers can browse with an extensive variety of sizes and lodging. The most famous and all around created bases are in Karakol, however, there are a few closers to Bishkek for voyagers hoping to remain in or near to the substantial capital city.

On the off chance that you will likely venture to every part of the Pamirs, discover make a trip arrangements to make your get-away more reasonable, or wander out into a territory of the world you’ve never experienced, skiing in this Central Asian nation will surpass your desires.

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