Turkmenistan Kyrgyzstan Combined Tours


Visit the non-neighbouring countries of countries Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan which are kilometres apart with Uzbekistan and Tajikistan in between, but still share some of the common traits found in all Central Asian nations. Turkmenistan is more towards the Middle Eastern side bordering Iran while Kyrgyzstan borders with China at the opposite end.

While Turkmenistan is dominant by the Karakum Desert with almost 80% of the country covered by it, Kyrgyzstan is dominated by Tian Shan and Pamir Mountain System. Thus, both the destinations are unique in their offerings. As the countries do not border each other, the only way to travel from one to the other is by flights. The other possible process is by crossing two countries via road, but that’ll add up to the length of entire tour, making it lengthy.


The territory of current day Turkmenistan began as a settlement during the 8th Century AD by Oghuz nomads who moved in from Mongolia and settled in the middle of the Karakum desert as an oasis. It was located at the gateway of the Silk Road route from the Middle Eastern side where numerous caravanserais and forts were built. But it is more a soviet style built country which is evident once you step into its modernized cities, especially Ashgabat. Here are the major cities covered in this Turkmenistan–Kyrgyzstan Combined tour package.


The capital city of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat in its entirety seem to be painted white with its numerous white marble clad buildings for which it holds the Guinness World record for the highest number of such architectures in a city.


A place of profound archaeological importance, Merv was previously an important city along the Silk Road route and a center of interchange of culture and politics where numerous buildings and monuments stood.

Konye Urgench

The ancient town of Urgench is home to ruins of the capital of Khwarezm which are now part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


It is a small village where the famous sites gas crater of Darvaza or Derweze is situated. Derweze which in Turkmen language means door has lead to it being named as “Door to Hell.” The pit has been burning for the past 47 years and is subject to extensive media coverage.


Being situated in the Tian Shan mountain system, 94% of the country is located above an altitude of 1,000 meters and 41% of the country is situated at an altitudinal height of above 3,000 meters. With more than 200 different trekking trails you can find in the mountain ranges, it is a heaven for avid mountaineers and trekkers. Here are the main cities covered in this tour:


The capital of Kyrgyzstan, it is a gateway to the Kyrgyz Ala-Too Mountains and AlaArcha National Park, and thus is the major tourist destination in the country.


It is a major administrative center in the country with a lot of scope for hiking, mountaineering, and trekking.


The second largest city of Kyrgyzstan, Oshhas a lot of mosques, bazaars, and historical monuments to explore.


Another trekking destination, Naryn is the starting point for many tourists looking to trek Tian Shan Ridges.

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