Tashkent Layover Tour


Tashkent is home to one of the busiest airport in Central Asia and the biggest international airport in Uzbekistan catering to the city of Tashkent. This airport serves nearly two million passengers per year and each passenger spends approximately two hours on average going through immigration and customs. Delayed or cancelled flights are even more embarrassing for people who get stuck in the airport for hours. But when you’re in a city like Tashkent you cansurely enjoy your downtime wisely by visiting the numerous sightseeing spot scattered around the city and make the most out of it. If you have significant interval time between your flights and would like to the creams of Tashkent, then our Tashkent Layover tour package is an ideal deal for you.

Here Are The Most Popular Sights Covered In Layover Tour:

Old City Region

Tashkent is one of the ancient cities in the world, even older than Rome, and much of the ancient marvels are now preserved in northwestern part of Tashkent referred to as Old City. Imam Complex and Chorus market are part of this old city region.

Khazrati Imam Architectural Complex

It is an ensemble of various other tombs, mosques, madrasahs, some of the notable ones are Tilla Sheikh Mosque, Namazgoh Mosque, and The Muftiate building. You can spend an entire day here scrutinizing all of the monuments.

Chorus Market

This is the largest market in Uzbekistan where you can buy daily necessities and souvenirs and get a real Middle-Eastern oriental shopping experience.

Amir Timur and Independence Square

Amir Timur square is a nice quiet park area where tourists and locals like to stroll after their working hours. In the center of park the statue of Amir Timur is built who was the most prominent leader in Uzbekistan’s history. Independence square on the other hand is the central square of Tashkent mirroring the calm atmosphere of Amir Timur square.

Minor Mosque

It is a relatively new mosque in Tashkent the construction of which started in July of 2013. It is located in the bank of Ankhor Canal and exemplifies the finest Central Asian inspired engineering. Few miles down from here, you’ll get to see the Uzexpocentre Exhibition Centre which hosts various events and trade shows.

The hours you spend at these places will take you to a new world altogether which you might not have seen before. Kindly send us a mail at travel@minzifatravel.com to schedule a Tashkent layover tour if you’d like to get a taste of ancient Tashkent.

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