Kyrgyzstan Rafting Tours


Kyrgyzstan has a great potential for kayaking and river rafting, yet it remains generally undeveloped. It is best to converse with a travel administrator to realize what the alternatives are.

Best Rafting Tour Destinations-

Kara-Kudjur / Djoon-Aryk / Chu

The Chu is a significant huge and rather a simple waterway along Bishkek – Issyk-Kul street with some class 3-4 segments; inside only a few hours drive from Bishkek.

Taking a gander at the guide it might create the impression that Chu streams specifically out of Issyk-Kul, despite the fact that in reality just passes by. There are some class 3-4 segments far upstream.


Streaming in a valley toward the north of Issyk-Kul Lake. Simple access from Bishkek and pleasant pine-forested class 4-5 gorges settle on this stream extremely prevalent choice. Chong-Kemin is a correct tributary of Chu.


Chilik is almost similar to Chong-Kemin however, it streams inverse way (east and in Kazakhstan) along the northern side of Issyk-Kul. There is no street in Chilik valley and the main sensible path to the put-in is climbing from Issyk-Kul, including Kyrgyz-Kazakh border crossing which is hard to make legal.


This is an unordinary waterway in Kazakh edges of Tien-Shan. Dissimilar to other Tien-Shan streams it has no icy mass segment and in this way no late spring surge. The water level is high in the spring and diminishes bit by bit by July. The waterway has a low angle and comprises chiefly of an individual, yet intense rapids. Easily accessible by streets from Almaty.


Powerful Naryn is the significant stream of the Central Tien-Shan, navigating everything from east to west. Upstream of the town of Naryn is parted into two sources – Smaller Naryn and Greater Naryn, both with class 4-5 gorges out just before intersection. Upper stretches of the two waterways are available by street from Issyk-Kul Lake. The Naryn itself is a major and primary level waterway in spite of the fact that there are some gigantic bouncy rapids in its lower gorges.


This is a right (northern) tributary of Naryn, available from the Bishkek-Toktogul street. The upper segment is very troublesome class 4-5 gorges, while bringing down half till the Naryn intersection is fairly simple and level, with occasional class 4 rapids.

Arpa / Alabuga

Arpa is the left (southern) tributary of Naryn close to the Chinese outskirt. It is accessible from the Naryn – China street (borderland permit is mandatory) yet was once in a while run as a result of its remote area and specialized trouble. It is a totally self-bolster class 5 endeavour.

Issyk-Kul Lake

The territory has various little rivers coming into the lake from the south, but since of absence of water, these rivulets are preferred runnable in August rather over September (regular season for the Tien-Shan).

The beautiful river waters of Kyrgyzstan offer an exciting ad adventurous tour to its visitors. Rafting in the Kyrgyz waters fulfills your desire of an enthusiastic trip. Call us or visit our website to book your rafting tour while in Kyrgyzstan.

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