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Uzbekistan located centrally in the heart of Central Asia is a land of fascination. It is also deemed one of the holiest places in Islamic world with some of its places serving as prominent pilgrimage sites. Sufism is one such area where Uzbekistan has a lot on offer. Our 8 days long Uzbekistan Sufi tour will take you on a captivating journey through some of the sites in Uzbekistan which hold prodigious Islamic (Sufism in particular) influence.

About Sufism

Sufism is one of the most enigmatic and interesting branch of Islam which is often inseparable from Islam and form an integral part of their faith and belief. According to the followers of Sufi, it is a way of life where you discover your deeper identity beyond the already known personality. This deeper identity is far superior to the superficial personality that we possess and has extraordinary capability of harnessing awareness, creativity, action, and love in an individual which will in turn improve his or her life. In short, it deals with the purification of oneself focusing more on the spiritual aspects of Islam.

With origins of Sufism tracing back to the epoch of Prophet Muhammad, Sufism is still extensively practiced in various parts of the world where Islam is prevalent. Uzbekistan is one such country where Islam existed since the country was first inhabited. Arab invaders and regional dynasties that emerged from this region like the Timurid Empire helped spread Islam in the southern part of Asia and beyond, and Sufism is said to have been carried along with it.

This Tour Covers Three Main Sufi Centers InUzbekistan.


Tashkent which is the capital city of Uzbekistan, is also one of the oldest cities in Central Asia with its history going as far back as two millennia. Islam was introduced in this region by the Turkic nomads and Arab invaders. Located in the Great Silk Road route, there are numerous fortresses and mausoleums built in this place. Some of them are:

  • Khazrati Imam Architectural Complex
  • The KhodjaAkhrar Ensemble
  • Mausoleum of Sheikh ZaynudinBobo, a prominent Sufi leader
  • Zangi-Ata complex

Although not considered as Sufi centers, this tour also covers prominent tourist spots in Tashkent like Chorsu Bazaar, Independence Square, and Amir Timur Square.


Often referred to as “City of Museums,” evidently because of the colossal amount ofpreserved historical monuments in the city, Bukhara is a prominent Sufi center in whole of Central Asia. Situated along the Silk Road route, it was a commercial and religious hub where rulers of various dynasties made madrasahs and mausoleums where people gathered and offered prayers. Sufism was extensively practiced in this city and was the birthplace of several notable Sufi leaders like Sheikh Abdul-KhaliqAbd Al Gijduvani, Hoja Mahmud AnzhirFagnavy, and HojaAzizona or Azizon. The main Sufi centers in Bukhara are:

  • BahauddinNaqshband Memorial Complex
  • Khoja-Gaukushon Ensemble
  • Lyab-i Hauz
  • Chashma-Ayub Mausoleum
  • Po-i-Kalyan Complex


Known as the “Crossroad of Cultures,” it’s a melting pot of various cultures where there was continuous inhabitation and human activity since the late Paleolithic area. Also located in the iconic Great Silk Road, at one point in time, Samarkand was one of the greatest cities in whole of Central Asia. The credit of much of what we now see in Samarkand should go to Amir Timur who made Samarkand his capital and for 35 straight years renovated the city with the help of great artisans and craftsmen. The major Sufi centers in Samarkand covered are:

  • Registan
  • The Ulugh Beg Madrasah
  • Bibi-Khanum mosque
  • Shah-i-Zinda Necropolis
  • Gur-Emir Mausoleum

Sufism stands not for any cultic movement or institutionalized practices, but rather for selfless experiencing and actualization of the spiritual path which leads to peace and harmony. This tour, at the end of the day, will give you a rich Uzbekistan experience themed on Sufi culture and practices.

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