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Yamchun is one of the jewels of the Wakhan Valley and the Pamirs. The Citadel is a bit of scramble from the street, however, it is certainly worth the inconvenience. It was doubtlessly constructed to watch over the trade caravans coming from China. The close-by Bibi Fatima Hot Springs is an awesome place for a picnic.


Langar is the foremost village one experiences while diving through the Khargush Pass from the Pamir Plateau and Murghab. Fortunate gatherings will see marmots, brilliant birds, vultures, and once in a while ibex, Marco Polo sheep, and trailing snow panthers. The stretch of street between the pass and Langar is effectively the most beautiful on this course.


The city of Penjikent also known as ‘five villages is situated in Khujand region of Tajikistan in a pleasant Zeravshan waterway valley. Penjikent of that time was one of its kind amongst the most significant cultural and craftsmanship centre of Sogd. It was even named “Central Asian Pompeii”.

Ancient Penjikent:

Remnants of the old Sogdian town established in the 5th- century and relinquished in the eighth century by Arabs. A Citadel with a few Zoroastrian fire temples and city bazaar are easily visible in the exposed remnants.

Hisor Fortress

30km away from the city is the Hissar Fortress. In addition to the fortress, there are two plain madrassahs, one dating from the eighteenth century and the other nineteenth, and past them is the museum of the sixteenth century.

Modern Attractions

Ayni Opera and Ballet Theatre Dushanbe

regularly has free or cheap concerts sponsored by embassies and traveling companies.

National Bank of Tajikistan Dushanbe

Located in a nice monument building.

Gurminj Museum of Musical Instruments Dushanbe

This little historical center has an intriguing assortment of Central Asian melodic instruments as string instruments illustration: rubab, Pamiri rubab, Tanbur, Dutor, Setor, Qashqar, and Ghizhak.

Monument of Amir Ismail Samani Dushanbe – A landmark to the tenth-century originator of the Samanid Clan. This statue remembers the one for whom the currency is named. Obviously, the crown is 10 kilograms of Tajik gold.

Local Shopping

Shakhmansur Bazaar Dushanbe

This is the greatest bazaar in downtown Dushanbe and has an enormous assortment of sustenances (exceptionally modest by Western principles), including dried organic product, nuts, new foods grown from the ground, flavours, meats, and bread, and an odd collection of tools and household items.

Korvon Bazaar Dushanbe

Korvon has a huge indoor apparel and shoe segment and additionally a little nourishment segment. It is additionally the place to go to discover texture mats, albeit the greater part of the floor coverings originate from Turkey, not Tajikistan.

Delfin Aquapark

Escape the heat with a visit to Delfin Aquapark, one of the favored holiday spots in the city. The park boasts a half-Olympic pool, kid’s pool with slides, and multiple slides for adults.

The country has a lot of surprise and amusements in store for them. It would not be correct if Delfin Aqua Park is not mentioned in this section. The fun-filled rides of this park are not available elsewhere.

If you get hungry, you can choose between grilled food and fresh salads.

Tajikistan has them all. Be it the old jewels of the Wakhan Valley or the recently opened parks, conventional fortresses, and monuments or chic bazaars, Tajikistan offers its visitors a complete holiday Package. Call us or visit our website to book your Tajikistan ancient and modern attraction tour now.

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