Tajikistan Kazakhstan Combined Tour


Despite being a small country in Central Asia, Kazakhstan certainly is one of the most developing nations in the continent with mostly Muslim population and Turkic language. This beautiful land invites tourist with its beautiful mountains, and tourist attractions include Alpine nature, fresh air and water, and very friendly people.

This country has great tourist potential and projecting high rates of development. People around the world have shown a great interest to visit this historic land.

What Is The Tajikistan-Kazakhstan Group Tour Activity You Should Never Miss?

While travelling with the group in Tajikistan and Kazakhstan it is always suggested to have some quality time of yours and some caution from your side as well.

  • Explore Soviet Architecture
  • Hunt Down the City of Parks
  • Get Lost in the Markets & Bazaars of Karakol
  • Visit the Big Bazaar, the largest open market in the city
  • Buy some fruit and veg, spices, clothes and hair accessories, jewellery
  • Discover Dungan Culture in Yrdyk
  • Explore the community-based tourism.
  • Explore the world’s best cousin like Ashlan Fu, Lagman, Soups, beef and beetroot, as well as solyanka, Dried Fish, Kumis.
  • Do not forget to go for Climbing, Hiking & Mountaineering
  • Breath in the fresh air

Do You Want To Visit New Places And Meet New People Around The World? Do You Have A Dream To Travel Like A Free Bird?

If yes, then Kazakhstanis the best way to fulfill your dreams. You can travel and roam around the most beautiful fascinating sights and cities of Kazakhstan, take a look at the wondrous mountains and other landscapes. If you join Kazakhstan group tour, then you will have some plus points. Group tours best for minimizing traveling expenses and meeting new people in the journey, making new friends all over the world.

Start Your Tour Of Kazakhstan In Almaty, The Southern Capital And Bustling City Full Of Cute Cafes And Museums.

Kazakhstan has some of the most beautiful group tour places

Make your best Kazakhstan tour even more unforgettable with journeys to strange places. Baikonur is the city in Kazakhstan, situated on the Northern bank near the Syr Darya river. So you should start the Baikonur group tour with a tour guide.

Let’s find out, why Baikonur is famous worldwide?

Baikonur is very famous all over the world because of its launching site for spacecraft or cosmodrome, the place of many spacefaring achievements like the first operational ICBM, the launch of Sputnik and the launch of the first manned orbital flight by Yuri Gagarin. Baikonur makes for a fabulous vacation for this rocket launch facility is used for launching spaceships and satellites from all around the world.

When you visit Baikonur, you should go for the Soyuz launch tour at Baikonur Cosmodrome, a unique experience where you will see a manned rocket launch.

The Pamir Highway:

The Pamir Highway is probably the second highest road on earth and it crosses the Pamir Mountains through Tajikistan Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The majority of the highway is in Tajikistan and it is one of the chief tourist draw cards.

The scenery on this drive is thrilling and it is a road trip like no other. You will pass through some of the most majestic mountain ranges on earth that includes Hindu Kush (Hindu Killers) and the Pamirs itself. Expect to trek to mountain lakes, spot endangered Marco Polo sheep and try to sleep in yurts along the way.

The Fergana Valley and the petroglyphs in Tajikistan:

Most culturally diverse, politically divided and notoriously volatile region, the Fergana Valley actually makes for a great travel destination. If you can make it up to Khujand, the second largest city in Tajikistan and home to the worlds cheapest beer, you can travel from there and enjoy some very off-the-beaten-path places in the far north of the country.

Found mostly in the Pamir region around the Ghunt Valley, petroglyphs are antiquated rock carvings that often depict the hunting of animals, as well as some musical instruments and cultural displays portraying the early history of the region. Many of the petroglyphs date back to the bronze age over 2100 years ago.

Penjikent – Seven Lakes – Dushanbe

Seven Lakes (80 km). Sarazm which is considered to be one of the ancient settlements in Central Asia with about 5500 years of civilization can be witnessed while in Tajikistan. In 2010, the Sarazm was added to the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Khujand- Tashkent

Tashkent is considered to be the largest city in Central Asia and one of the oldest in the place. Sadly, in an earthquake in 1966, most of its memorable buildings were destroyed.

The Tajikistan-Kazakhstan combined Tours brief in Bishkek with the Independence Day celebrations. The tour takes you to the Silk Road Uzbek cities, to the city of Ashgabat and through the lush green pasturelands grazed by the Kyrgyz nomads.

Tajikistan on the other hand has it all, whether you’re planning to take on one of the world’s most epic road trip (The Pamir Highway), or you just want to sip a latte from a cafe in Dushanbe.Join this trip and be amazed by the fascinating contrasts of architecture, people, landscapes and cultures across these two countries. Call us or visit our website to book your Tajikistan-Kazakhstancombined Tour now!

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