Train Tours In Uzbekistan


Traveling to the mysterious, fanatic world of Uzbekistan where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of historical enigmatic monuments sounds like a memorable experience. These historical monuments are currently in the form of madrasahs, mosques, tombs, mausoleums, forts, and statues. But in reality, they are much more exciting which will leave an indelible imprint on your life.

Traveling by road or walking in one way to do it. In fact, it’s considered the best as you get to see the monuments up close. But another way is to take a train tour. The only difference is you take train to visit one city to another instead of road. By traveling via train, you cover more distance in short period of time which will give you more time to spend at the sightseeing location. The “Sharq” train goes from Tashkent to Samarkand in 3.5 hours which will take at least 6 hours by road. As all the major cities in Uzbekistan are connected by high speed trains, you shouldn’t have a problem getting around from one location to the other. Night trains traveling long distances are equipped with beds and berths for a comfortable travel journey.

The tickets can be purchased over the counter or you can ask your tour company to arrange it for you for a commission. When you go from one city to another, the scenic view from inside the train compartments will be gorgeous spellbinding.

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