Traveling to Naryn, Kyrgyzstan

Trip to the city of Naryn

Naryn is the most colorful city of Kyrgyzstan. Some cities of Asian country are richer in sights, others have a lot of entertainment, but you will not find such a Kyrgyz city as Naryn in the whole country. Minzifa Travel will be glad to convince you of that!

Naryn region translates as “sunny region”, and tourists really get high spirits when they come here. Naryn is the highest mountain town in the former Soviet Union (if you do not count Khorog), located at an altitude of 2,000 meters above sea level. At 92 degrees it boils water, and the imagination of tourists strikes the trolley, which is recognized as the highest not only in the former Soviet countries, but also in the world. Naryn is also considered to be the smallest city with a similar mode of transport.

Where to go in Naryn?

Going on a fascinating trip to Naryn and the region, be sure to visit:

  • Tash-Rabat is the oldest monument of the Middle Ages. The historical complex was built in the tenth century as a monastery. Four hundred years later, the landmark lost its original meaning (the spread of Islam began) and turned into an inn, where merchants, traders, ambassadors, travelers rested: all those who traveled the Silk Road. Tash-Rabat is the largest stone construction of Central Asian architecture. Thanks to its clear symmetry and location among the wilderness, the complex seems impregnable and harsh;
  • Son-Kul is one of the largest lakes in Kyrgyzstan. Even in summer the water temperature does not rise above 12 ° C, and in November the lake is frozen (until May). Around the lake are colorful meadows, on which in the warm season, shepherds drive their flocks: you can find many yurts here. Almost every tourist tour includes a visit to the lake. There is no cell phone service, so this is a great opportunity to disconnect from the everyday world and enjoy nature;
  • Chatyr-Kul is a lake into which 17 rivers flow at once. The name is translated as “heavenly lake”, although the climate here is very harsh. In January, the air temperature in the area of the lake drops to -50 ° C, the water freezes. The attraction attracts tourists with its mineral waters, rare species of waterfowl and the stupefying beauty of nature. Until recently, Chatyr-Kul was a secret, vacationers knew almost nothing about it. But now the lake is one of the main points when visiting Kyrgyzstan.

Climate of Naryn

Naryn has a sharply continental climate. It is much colder here than in all other cities of Kyrgyzstan. In winter, the air temperature is often kept at -17 ° C, and at this time of the year, the maximum amount of precipitation falls. In summer, the climate of the Kyrgyz town can be characterized as arid: the temperature does not often rise above 18 ° C, but because of the lack of precipitation is very dusty.

When is the best time to go to Naryn?

Naryn is beautiful at any time of the year, but in winter there is not much entertainment for tourists in the city. During the cold seasons, the lakes freeze over, and the temperature in the mountainous areas reaches -54 °C. The city is hot in summer, but it is the most wonderful time to travel around the Naryn region. In the Son-Kul area in July there are festivals and horse races, so tourists will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the national characteristics of the Kyrgyz. Early autumn and late spring are also perfect for exploring the authentic city of Kyrgyzstan.

Naryn is a city that never ceases to amaze. National color creates a special atmosphere, so travelers will be interested even just to walk through the districts of the town. To book tours, please contact Minzifa Travel at, WhatsApp. We are waiting for your calls!

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