Traveling to Uzgen, Kyrgyzstan

Travel to Uzgen

Uzgen can be presented to tourists from several sides at once. It is the capital of the former Karakhanid state, a part of the Silk Road, the most ancient settlement in the Fergana Valley, and the most Uzbek town in modern Kyrgyzstan. Don’t miss Uzgen journey with Minzifa Travel!

Uzgen is one of the oldest cities of Kyrgyzstan, which emerged before our era as a trading post. It connected China and Fergana Valley Republic and was a part of Silk Road. In the XII century the town was conquered by the Karakhanids, which could not but affect its architecture and culture. Later Uzgen was part of the Russian Empire, and today it is the main pearl and jewel of Kyrgyzstan.

What to see in Uzgen?

In this part of Kyrgyzstan, traditionally lived Uzbeks, and so far their ancient quarters are one of the attractions of the city. When coming to Uzgen for the first time, tourists should definitely take a look:

  • cultural-historical complex – an outstanding monument of Central Asian architecture. The structure was created in the 11th century during the time of the Karakhanid kingdom. There are no colored exhibitions and glaze: all the patterns are made of ganchi or brick. This type of construction and decoration is a visiting card of the Kyrgyz architecture of that epoch: it is immediately clear, under whose influence the monuments were created;
  • Uzgen Minaret. Originally the minaret was more than 50 meters high, but after the earthquake and the fall of the tower, only 27 meters remained. In Soviet times, the structure was restored, and next to it was completed observation deck: at the expense of windows it looks very authentic, and from here there is a gorgeous view of the city. The base is made in the form of an octagonal figure, and it is possible to climb to the top by a spiral staircase;
  • Uzgen Mausoleums. This is a complex of three mausoleums, differing in style and years of construction. The middle mausoleum is the largest and was built during the Karakhanid era. It is said that one of the khans of the dynasty was buried here and for a long time the mausoleum had religious significance. The northern and southern buildings are also the burial places of the Karakhanid rulers. Despite the architectural features, all the buildings are made of burnt brick;
  • A separate “attraction” of Kyrgyzstan is the unique rice, which is grown on the plantations of Uzgen. It is sold in all markets of Central Asian countries, but this is where it is “born”. This expensive and elite rice is used to make pilaf in Kyrgyzstan, so it is definitely worth a visit to the local teahouse.

Weather in Uzgen

Summer in Uzgen is cloudy, dry and warm: the temperature stays at 31-32 ° C. In winter, the city is frosty, cloudy and snowy: the temperature drops to -7 ° C. Most snow falls in February.

Spring is the cloudiest and rainiest period, in March and April. The end of summer and beginning of autumn is the sunniest season: there is almost no rain and no clouds.

When is the best time to go to Uzgen?

The high tourist season in Uzgen begins in June and lasts until the end of September. But if travelers want a secluded vacation, it is better to choose May or September. If you go on a trip to the Kyrgyz city between October and April, you should think about alternatives: the weather is unstable and it may happen that the way to the main sights will be closed.

Uzgen will certainly be of interest to tourists who are fond of medieval history. Here each building has its own history, which the guides of Minzifa Travel will be happy to tell you about. For questions about booking tours, please contact on WhatsApp, e-mail See you in the Karakhanid Kingdom!

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