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Turkmenistan is one of the famous stans located at the central Asia, sparsely populated, rich in culture, picturesque landscapes, craziness adds it to the bucket list for a must visit. Historically, the gateway to the silk road unlike the other stans boasts its cultural heritage, fascinating history and traditions.

Turkmenia as was known earlier, is majorly deserted nation, thus the climate remains mostly hot throughout.Majorly a Muslim nation, Turkmenistan has some amazing mosques with some amazing work of architecture. Multiple Museums to let people sneak in the rich culture/history of the nation with amazing collection of monuments.

Karakum is one of the major spot for tourists, being a black sand desert.Darwaza gas crater a fire pit in karakum is famous as gateway to hell is considered as the hottest places.

Nisa and GonurTepeare archaeological heaven for exploring the ancient artefacts and history.

Kunya urgench gives you a sneak in the historical treasure of culture, architecture of Turkmenistan.Extracting the cue from the nomadic inhibitions, offers you the magical and magnificent caravanserai, fortresses, mausoleums,mosques and an exuberant 60 m high minaret tapering upwards.

Kow Ata is another must visit spot, an underwater lake around 200ft deep, but ensure you wear good shoes to face the steep and slippery stairs to reach down there.

Asgabhat the capital of Turkmenistan is the most populated place with the most luxurious hotels, buildings to give you the feel of some great nightlife.

The most famous food in Turkmenistan is plov, also the staple food served in the celebrations mostly consisting of mutton,carrot,fried rice.Manti and shurpa are few of the other famous and common dishes.The warm hospitality of the Turkmenistan people further grows on you after few vodka shots along with the local cuisine. The nation is all about festivals and celebrations,Novruz being the biggest and the most celebrated one. Turkmen horse festival is another highly celebrated festival.Melon day,grain day etc there are lot many festivals celebrated across the country with full enthusiasm.

Camping across the black sand,drive across the barren landscape, witness the gateway to hell with the fires of Darwaza crater, explore the UNESCO identified heritage sites of GonurDepe, Merv to name a few, lastly the amazing city of Ashgabat and much more to explore in the wilderness and challenge the adventurer within you.

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