Turkmenistan Tajikistan Combined Tours


Explore the Central Asian countries of Turkmenistan and Tajikistan in this dual-country tour package. Both the countries have been at the crossroad of cultures and civilization for centuries and thus are culturally very similar to each other.

Turkmenistan and Tajikistan however do not share a border. The former lies more on the Middle Eastern side while the latter more of the Chinese side. Uzbekistan lies in between them and forms the barrier. To get from one country to other, you’d either have to take flights (the easiest way), or travel through Uzbekistan (difficult, but rewarding).


Turkmenistan which is one of the countries of the Central Asian republics is among the countries receiving lowest number of tourists despite having some enthralling tourist destinations. Over 80% is covered by the Karakum Desert and the rest is mountain areas, making the country isolated from the rest of Central Asia. Despite this, branches of Silk route did pass through its territory. Here are some cities you’ll be visiting in this combined tour package:


The capital and largest city of Turkmenistan, the city is famous for its peculiar modern structures and high number or white marble-clad buildings.


Historically a popular stop along the Silk Road route, it is a modern Soviet-style designed city with many monuments and museums.


With beaches along the gulf of Caspian Sea, it is the only port and sea like to the western world. It is a transportation hub of the country and popular beach destination.

Konye Urgench

One of the historically and culturally rich cities of Central Asia, Kenya Urgech was part of the Silk Road route major caravanserai destinations.


Merv was an oasis city that developed along the Silk Road route and was a site of major strategic value. The ruins of the ancient city are now an excavation hub.


The smallest nation of Central Asia, Tajikistan will be our final destination of this tour. Located high above the mountains of Pamir range, mountain ranges, picturesque lakes, unique lifestyle of locals, and some ancient marvels is what makes Tajikistan standout in the land of “Stans.” Here are the major Tajik cities covered in this combined tour:


The largest and the capital city of Tajikistan, it grew on a weekly popular market that was only held in Mondays. Dushanbe has a lot of things to see and explore.


The second largest city of Tajikistan, it is among the oldest and important cities located along the Silk Road route. A place to scrutinize antiquities.


A site of rich historical heritage, at the outskirt of the current city there are remains of an ancient Sogdiana City built around 722 AD.


A small historical core that is over 2500 years old, it was strategically built as a staging post along the Silk Road route.


A city located in the western part of Tajikistan, it is known for a large fort which is said to have been dating back to the time of Cyrus the Great and been captured 21 times.

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