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The holiday tours to Uzbekistan are special and outstanding in their own right. With a rich historical past and mixed cultural practices, Uzbekistan boasts of providing the best cultural and history tours in the entire of Central Asia. It borders with the member states of South-Central Asian Union which includes Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan. It also shares its border with China and forms shoreline with Aral Sea in the southern part. Our Uzbekistan Combined Tour Packages offer dual-country holiday destination under one package which gives you the flexibility of experiencing the offerings and beauty of two countries in one single package without going through the hassle of booking two.

The region of Uzbekistan and its surrounding countries are highly disputed with tense political atmosphere ever since the fall of Soviet Union. Unless you’re living under the rock, it’d be fair to assume that you’re familiar with the 7-months Sino-Soviet border conflict. And from time to time, all the members of Central Asia — and China — are constantly involved in high stakes negotiation of defining their respective national borders. This has given rise to tight security at the immigration points demanding lot of paperwork border checks which can get quite intimidating. Our Uzbekistan combined tour packages which focuses mainly on Uzbekistan with visit to neighboring countries take much of the workload off from you in the paperwork and meeting custom requirements.

Here Are The Uzbekistan Combined Tours We Offer:

Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan Tours

To the northeast of Uzbekistan lies the fascinating land of Kyrgyzstan. The antiquity and nomadic culture of this landlocked and mountainous place fits perfectly alongside Uzbekistan which has got rich and diverse cultural heritages on offer. The tall mountain peaks, Tien Shan range, high-altitude lakes, make this place exemplary for hiking and mountain climbing.

Uzbekistan-Turkmenistan Tour

Amu Darya is the river that divides both the country into two parts. Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are countries of two deserts which is known as Kyzylkum in the former and Karakum in the latter. By choosing this dual country tour package, you’ll get to see the best of both worlds which are somewhat closer in both culture and landscape to one another. The oriental fairy-tale atmosphere of both the places will bring back vivid images of the Arabian night stories that you’ve heard in your childhood.

Uzbekistan-Tajikistan Tour

The two neighbouring, closely-related countries fit the bill of excellent combined tour destinations in Central Asia. Uzbekistan which is famous for its amalgam of different cultures and regions attractions travellers from around the world. For the colossal amount of unique monuments, it is named as a UNESCO World Heritage Centre. Tajikistan on the other hand is a relatively unknown country among customary travellers and only visited by intrepid ones. Hence paying a visit to this magnificent mountainous country which is ideal for hiking is undoubtedly a wise decision.

We, at Minzifa Travel, understand the requirements of people stuck in the airport or hotels for any amount of time and hence arrange and execute our Uzbekistan Extension Tour Packages accordingly. Kindly visit our Contact Us page to get in touch with us.

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