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Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan both located in Central Asia and part of former Soviet Union are significantly different from one another even though both were conquered and ruled by same rulers and shared tight cultural ties. Fergana Valley is where you should head to see for yourself how similar both the countries are from a cultural standpoint. But that astonishingly fades away as you move away from the border more into the urban side. Uzbekistan boasts of rich ancient and cultural relics with iconic cities that are now listed under UNESCO Cultural Heritage Sites like Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. Kyrgyzstan on the other hand still proudly follows a nomadic tradition which is evident in their everyday lifestyle.Nevertheless, you’ll get to see the best of both worlds in our Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan tour package. Below we’ve discussed in detail about both the countries and the tourist spots we’ll be covering in this multi-country tour package.

Uzbekistan In Brief

The strategic location and storied history makes Uzbekistan the clear winner among the Central Asian countries. With an area of 44,000 sq kilometers, it accommodates colossal amount of magnificent architectural monuments, most of which are concentrated along the Silk Road route.

Uzbek Cities Covered In Uzbekistan-Kyrgyzstan Tour Package Are:


The largest city and capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is home to places like Khazrati Imam Architectural Complex, The KhodjaAkhrarVali Mosque, History Museum of the People of Uzbekistan which gives the best ancient Uzbek experience.


This is a city-museum which accommodates approximately 140 ancient architectural monuments and served as a prominent intellectual center of Islamic world. Po-i-Kalyan complex, Lab-i Hauz, Bahoutdin Architectural Complex contain some of the masterpieces.


Known as The Crossroad of Cultures, it was a melting pot of different of various cultures and religions. Registan, Bibi-Khanum Mosque along with other mosques and madrasas, and Ulugh Beg observatory are here to keep you hooked to Samarkand.


The unforgettable gem of the Silk Road route is also home to some of the best medieval artworks in the world. The city was founded way back as early as 6th Century and there are close to 50 historical monuments to be explored.

Kyrgyzstan in brief

The nomadic lifestyle is crisply evident in the cuisine, tent houses, and the tradition. The food of Kyrgyz people mostly consists of meat of various animals along with Plov, the signature Central Asian dish. Kyrgyzstan is also home to some of the warmest people on the planet who refer tourists as guests instead of travelers or foreigners.

Below Are The Major Sightseeing Spots In Kyrgyzstan:


Wide boulevards, countless statues, attractive Soviet-style buildings, and picturesque mountain ranges,Bishket which is the capital of Kyrgyzstan is. Bishket has a very flexible visa policy which makes it easier for you start your Silk Road adventure right away. While Bishket lacks in historical sites, nevertheless, it has got fair number of other tourist spots. Some of them are:

  • Oak Park
  • Ala-Too Square
  • Statue of Manas
  • Philharmonic Hall
  • Victory Monument


It is the oldest and second largest city of Kyrgyzstan which is 3,000 years old. Lying on the Great Silk Road, it borders with Uzbekistan and was an important silk production center which is now home to the largest outdoor market in Central Asia, also referred to as Osh Market.


It is an alpine lake which is more scenic and surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Yurt camping, horse riding, trekking, and excursions are common activities in the vicinity of this lake.


It is one of the largest alpine lakes in the world frequented by local and Russian tourists. The crystal-clear water and the hilly backdrop make this place a not-to-be-missed destination when you’re in Kyrgyzstan.

Grigoriev Gorge

Located in the shores of Issyk-Kul Lake, it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Kyrgyzstan. The green mountain slopes, pristine clear water, and traditional yurts will make your outdoor stay in Grigoriev Gorge ever more memorable.

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