What to see in Kyrgyzstan?

What to see in Kyrgyzstan?

Have you ever thought that Kyrgyzstan is one big attraction? Mountainous expanses, authentic auls, colorful cities – this country strikes the imagination of even the most experienced tourist! And you can see it for yourself!

Tell me, what sights of Kyrgyzstan seem to you to be the best? Or maybe you don’t know anything at all about this wonderful country? No problem! On a classic tour of Kyrgyzstan by Minzifa Travel you will get to know such sights as:

  • Ala-Archa National Park. In this fabulous country, nature has no less value than monuments and structures!
  • Bishkek’s old square – what post-Soviet city doesn’t have a monument to Lenin and the House of Parliament? Let’s see what popular landmarks look like in Kyrgyzstan!
  • Burana Tower. Have you ever seen historical monuments under UNESCO protection? It’s about time you started getting acquainted!
  • Lake Issyk-Kul. No matter how much time you have spent on its shores, this will not be enough for you. So let’s stay in the resort area, take a ride along the northern shore, visit the yurt camp, and admire the gorgeous panoramic view;
  • Kyrgyzstan’s main temples, the Dungan Mosque in the style of a Chinese pagoda and the wooden Church of the Holy Trinity;
  • “The Rock of the Broken Heart” and the “Seven Bulls” cliffs – the beauty of the Jety Oguz Gorge cannot be conveyed in words.

It will take a very, very long time to get acquainted with all the sights of Kyrgyzstan. But with this tour from Minzifa Travel in 8 days you will see the main tourist places of Kyrgyzstan, which will change your idea of travel forever! 

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