Uzbekistan Tours – 8 Reasons To Explore This Central Asian Country

By completely getting squeezed between and landlocked by a bunch of other ’Stans such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan as well as Uzbekistan and much of this specific part of Central Asia has been ignored for years.

Actually, the country is home to an incredible number of camera-friendly mosques, mausoleums and madrasas in every shade of blue. Its century’s old long history under the Persian rule, as well as a key stop on the Silk Road, left a rich cultural and architectural legacy that had made all the more fascinating by the country’s time as an enclave of the Soviet Union.

The Uzbekistan Tours are going to show you a lot of action during your trip to the Silk Road country.

Samarkand’s Mausoleums Inspired The TajMahal 

  • Every piece of architecture is inspired from some form of architecture that was made somewhere else previously.
  • More or less the same way Samarkand’s mausoleums were the actual inspiration for the architectural magnificence that boughtTajMahal into existence.
  • Several people while on their first Uzbekistan Travel
  • Don’t know that Amir Timur was an ancestor of the founder of the Mughal Empire in India and well-known as Babur for conquering Delhi.
  • Thus, Gur-e-Amir mausoleum is an architectural marvel dedicated specifically to Timur that was the actual prototype for making the now famous marvel that is known as TajMahal.

There Are Patterned Tiles To Rival Lisbon

  • People who don’t know much about the Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions that the patterned tiles to make various architectural buildings were only intended to rival the creations of Lisbon. Those beautiful & detailed ceramic tiles can be found everywhere in Uzbekistan. 
  • Moreover, the monuments of this great country are designed with mosaic squares and geometrical or floral majolica patterns in shades of blue from Cobalt to Cyan lines.

There Are Hardly Any Tourists

  • Actually, it is not that easy to explain how you feel when the monument is practically empty and you are the only one who is taking shots of the monument during the tour of Uzbekistan Destinations.
  • You will get several historical sites including some of the famous monuments in Samarkand & Registan Square to be completely empty.

Fresh Fruits And Veg Are Staple There

  • Now, when we talk about getting fruits and vegetables, you will get to see that on the streets of various Uzbekistan’s towns because fresh fruits and vegetables are staples here.
  • Forgetting some fresh fruits and vegetables here, you have to Travel Uzbekistan at the end of the summer when they are being harvested in the fields.
  • Not just for monuments, this particular country is also known for its super sweet and terribly fresh watermelons with an achichuk salad containing thin, long sliced tomato, red onion as well as Cucumber.
  • Such a tasty watermelon is served as a side- dish with the tasty plov, the national dish
  • Moreover, you will also feel very excited to have the meaty grills here alongside tear and share Bread and Samsa.

Tashkent’s Subway Is One Of The Seventh Metro System To Be Built In The USSR

  • As it has been said in the sub-heading itself, Tashkent’s subway is one of the seventh metro systems that was built when it was used to be the part of the USSR.
  • It is one of the most ornate in the world. Each and every station of thisTashkent’s metro system drew its inspiration from its name.
  • In these stations, there are vastly different designs that range from chandelier lit spaces with baroque flourishes to traditional Islamic designs including some post soviet& modern mashups.

The Soviet- Style Architecture In Tashkent

  • Many might not be aware of the fact during Uzbekistan Tours their that much of Tashkent was damaged by an earthquake during the earthquake and during that period, it was again rebuilt by Soviets under the Russian rule.
  • Thus, it was a mix of stark Soviet buildings, classical Russian architecture as well as restored graphics and blue tiled 12th-century mosques.

Vodka, The Most Important Legacy Of The Soviet Union In All Ex-Soviet States

  • Just like the Russians, the Uzbek citizens love to gulp down Vodka like a boss. Just straight up with a straight face.
  • Moreover, Vodka is one of the most important legacies of the Soviet Union in Uzbekistan compared to all other ex-Soviet states of that time.
  • Having chilled vodka with a hot snack will lift your spirits greatly during the street tours of all the Uzbekistan Tourist Attractions including the capital city of Tashkent.

See The Epic Starry Skies In The Desert

  • Just head out to the outskirts of city and you will find massive sandy expanses as well as mountainous landscapes.
  • You are going to encounter many such desert landscapes throughout the country and you will find one of them in Nuarata Mountains.
  • Moreover, you will also find clean & beautiful lakeside beaches nearby such deserts and, you will also get a chance to go for a camel ride.

These Uzbekistan Tours are the topmost eight reasons that will compel you to plan your expedition for our magnificent. We will provide you with all the info that you crave for. Please contact us.

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