Kazakhstan consulates is that building in which the work of political missions is carried out.People who work in an embassy, are called consular officers. The person in charge is called a consul, or consul general. There are some unofficial consuls, who do not work full-time for the government.

All the different countries' consulates in Kazakhstan are in Astana. Astana transmits messages of its home government to the government of Kazakhstan. The local police of Kazakhstan cannot enter an embassy without proper permission.

Here Is The List Of The Countries Consulates Present In Kazakhstan.

Austria - Almaty, Consulate

Azerbaijan - Aktau, Consulate General

Belgium - Almaty, Consulate

Chile - Astana, Consulate

China - Almaty, Consulate General

Cyprus - Astana, Consulate

Czech Republic - Almaty, Consulate

Dominican Republic - Almaty, Consulate

Finland - Almaty, Consulate

France - Almaty, Consulate General

France - Atyrau, Consulate

Georgia - Almaty, Consulate

Germany - Almaty, Consulate General

Hungary - Aktobe, Consulate

Hungary - Almaty, Consulate General

Hungary - Atyrau, Consulate

Iceland - Almaty, Consulate

Iran - Aktau, Consulate General

Israel - Almaty, Consulate

Italy - Almaty, Consulate

Italy - Atyrau, Vice Consulate

Italy - Uralsk, Vice Consulate

Kyrgyzstan - Almaty, Consulate General

Latvia - Almaty, Consulate

Latvia - Uralsk, Consulate

Lithuania - Karaganda, Consulate

Luxembourg - Astana, Consulate

Luxembourg - Almaty, Consulate

Moldova - Astana, Consulate

Monaco - Astana, Consulate

Mongolia - Almaty, Consulate General

Netherlands - Almaty, Consulate

Poland - Almaty, Consulate General

Romania - Almaty, Consulate

Russia - Almaty, Consulate General

Russia - Oskemen, Consulate General

Russia - Uralsk, Consulate General

Slovakia - Karaganda, Consulate

Slovakia - Kurchatov, Consulate

Spain - Almaty, Consulate

Sweden - Almaty, Consulate

Switzerland - Almaty, Consulate

Syria - Almaty, Consulate

Tajikistan - Almaty, Consulate General

Thailand - Almaty, Consulate

Turkey - Aktau, Consulate General

Turkey - Almaty, Consulate General

Turkmenistan - Aktau, Consulate

Ukraine - Karaganda, Consulate

Ukraine - Kostanay, Consulate

United States - Almaty, Consulate General

Uruguay - Astana, Consulate


Albania - Tirana, Consulate

Australia - Melbourne, Consulate

Australia - Perth, Consulate

Australia - Sydney, Consulate General

Austria - Bregenz, Consulate

Austria - Graz, Consulate

Austria - Innsbruck, Consulate

Austria - Linz, Consulate

Austria - Salzburg, Consulate

Belarus - Brest, BY, Consulate

Bulgaria - Blagoevgrad, Consulate

Bulgaria - Plovdiv, Consulate

Canada - Montreal, Consulate

Canada - Toronto, Consulate

Chile - Santiago, Consulate

China - Shanghai, Consulate General

Croatia - Dubrovnik, Consulate

Croatia - Umag, Consulate

Czech Republic - Hradec Kralove, Consulate

Denmark - Copenhagen, Consulate

Estonia - Tallinn, Consulate

France - Lyon, Consulate

France - Nice, Consulate

Georgia - Batumi, Consulate

Georgia - Telavi, Consulate

Germany - Bremen, Consulate

Germany - Dresden, Consulate

Germany - Frankfurt am Main, Consulate General

Germany - Hamburg, Consulate

Germany - Hanover, Consulate

Germany - Munich, Consulate

Germany - Stuttgart, Consulate

Hong Kong - Hong Kong, Consulate General

Hungary - Karcag, Consulate

Iran - Gorgan, Consulate General

Iran - Sari, Consulate

Ireland - Cork, Consulate

Italy - Genoa, Consulate

Italy - Trieste, Consulate

Japan - Fukuoka, Consulate

Japan - Nagoya, Consulate

Japan - Osaka, Consulate

Kyrgyzstan - Cholpon-Ata, Consulate

Kyrgyzstan - Osh, Consulate

Kyrgyzstan - Talas, Consulate

Latvia - Riga, Consulate

Liechtenstein - Ruggell, Consulate

Lithuania - Klaipeda, Consulate

Malta - Valletta, Consulate

Moldova - Chisinau, Consulate General

Monaco - Monaco, Consulate

Morocco - Casablanca, Consulate

Netherlands - Breda, Consulate

Norway - Vinstra, Consulate

Philippines - Manila, Consulate

Poland - Gdansk, Consulate

Poland - Krakow, Consulate

Romania - Bucharest, Consulate

Russia - Astrakhan, Consulate

Russia - Kazan, Consulate General

Russia - Omsk, Consulate

Russia - St. Petersburg, Consulate General

Saudi Arabia -Jeddah, Consulate

Slovenia - Maribor, Consulate

Slovenia - Nova Gorica, Consulate

Spain - Barcelona, Consulate

Sri Lanka - Colombo, Consulate

Sweden - BĂ„lsta, Consulate

Sweden - Gothenburg, Consulate

Sweden - Sundsvall, Consulate

Switzerland - Zurich, Consulate

Tajikistan - Khujand, Consulate

Thailand - Pattaya, Consulate

Turkey - Adana, Consulate

Turkey - Antakya, Consulate

Turkey - Antalya, Consulate

Turkey - Bursa, Consulate

Turkey - Istanbul, Consulate General

Turkey - Izmir, Consulate

Turkey - Kayseri, Consulate

Turkey - Nevsehir, Consulate

Turkmenistan -Turkmenbashi, Consulate

Ukraine - Lviv, Consulate

Ukraine - Odessa, Consulate

Ukraine - Zaporizhia, Consulate

United Arab Emirates - Dubai, Consulate General

United States - Baton Rouge, Consulate

United States - Fargo, Consulate

United States - New York, Consulate General

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