If you want to visit Kazakhstan, the most convenient way to get to Kazakhstan is to take a flight to one of the two biggest cities, Astana or Almaty. You can also travel from Russia or Uzbekistan to Kazakhstan by train or drive over a land border from Uzbekistan or Kyrgyzstan, the capitals of which are quite close to the boundary with Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan Flights - International Airlines:

Lufthansa     Frankfurt (FRA) - Almaty (ALA)

Turkish Airlines     Istanbul (IST) - Almaty (ALA)

Pegasus Airlines     Istanbul (SAW) - Almaty (ALA)

Aeroflot     Moscow (SVO) - Almaty (ALA)

Asiana Airlines     Seoul (ICN) - Almaty (ALA)

Etihad Airways     Abu Dhabi (AUH) - Astana (TSE)

Hainan Airlines     Beijing (PEK) - Almaty (ALA)

Air China     Beijing (PEK) - Astana (TSE)

Lufthansa     Frankfurt (FRA) - Astana (TSE)

Turkish Airlines     Istanbul (IST) - Astana (TSE)

Aeroflot     Moscow (SVO) - Astana (TSE)

Kazakhstan Flights - CIS Countries Airlines:

Air company SCAT     Kazan (KZN) - Astana (TSE)

Belavia     Minsk (MSQ) - Astana (TSE)

Ukraine Airlines     Kiev (KBP) - Astana (TSE)

Uzbekistan Airways     Tashkent (TAS) - Astana (TSE)

Kazakhstan Flights- Local Airlines:

Bek Air     Aktau (SCO) - Almaty (ALA)

Bek Air     Aktobe (AKX) - Almaty (ALA)

Bek Air     Atyrau (GUW) - Almaty (ALA)

Air company SCAT     Aktau(SCO) - Almaty (ALA)

Air company SCAT     Karaganda (KGF) - Almaty (ALA)

Air company SCAT     Kostanay (KSN) - Almaty (ALA)

Bek Air     Kostanay (KSN) - Almaty (ALA)

Bek Air     Kyzylorda (KZO) - Almaty (ALA)

Bek Air     Pavlodar (PWQ) - Almaty (ALA)

Air company SCAT     Shymkent (CIT) - Almaty (ALA)

Bek Air     Shymkent (CIT) - Almaty (ALA)

Air company SCAT     Shymkent (CIT) - Almaty (ALA)

Bek Air     Shymkent (CIT) - Almaty (ALA)

Air company SCAT     Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) - Almaty (ALA)

Bek Air     Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) - Almaty (ALA)

Air company SCAT     Zhezkazgan (DZN) - Almaty (ALA)

Air company SCAT     Aktau (SCO) - Astana (TSE)

Bek Air     Aktau (SCO) - Astana (TSE)

Bek Air     Aktobe (AKX) - Astana (TSE)

Air company SCAT     Aktobe (AKX) - Astana (TSE)

Bek Air     Almaty (ALA) - Astana (TSE)

Air company SCAT     Almaty (ALA) - Astana (TSE)

Bek Air     Atyrau (GUW) - Astana (TSE)

Bek Air     Kostanay (KSN) - Astana (TSE)

Bek Air     Kyzylorda (KZO) - Astana (TSE)

Air company SCAT     Pavlodar (PWQ) - Astana (TSE)

Air company SCAT     Shymkent (CIT) - Astana (TSE)

Bek Air     Shymkent (CIT) - Astana (TSE)

Air company SCAT     Zhezkazgan (DZN) - Astana (TSE)

Air company SCAT     Taraz (DMB) - Astana (TSE)

Bek Air     Taraz (DMB) - Astana (TSE)

Air company SCAT     Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) - Astana (TSE)

Bek Air     Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) - Astana (TSE)

Air company SCAT     Ust-Kamenogorsk (UKK) - Astana (TSE)

Kazakhstan Flights - CIS Countries (from other cities of Kazakhstan) Airlines:

Tajik Air     Dushanbe (DYU) - Almaty (ALA)

Simon Air     Dushanbe (DYU) - Almaty (ALA)

Ukraine Airlines     Kiev (KBP) - Almaty (ALA)

BelaviaMinsk (MSQ)     - Almaty (ALA)

Siberia Airlines     Novosibirsk (OVB) - Almaty (ALA)

Somon Air     Dushanbe (DYU) - Almaty (ALA)

Uzbekistan Airways     Tashkent (TAS) - Almaty (ALA)

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