When tourists visit Kazakhstan, their main focus goes to the two destinations, Astana and Almaty. Few people choose to travel to other parts of Kazakhstan and one of the most beautiful and historical places areOskemen. Oskemen, also known as Ust-Kamenogorsk, and compile a list of things you can do there in case you decide to visit this nice town. Oskemen is the capital of Eastern Kazakhstan region. Not only is it the largest industrial and transport center of the Altai mining industry, it is also a beautiful calm town with a lot of tourist attractions.

Ethno village

The Ethno village, opened in 2010, it is Kazakhstan’s first ethnographic museum that reflects the ethnic diversity of the region, where people of 105 different ethnicities co-exist peacefully.

Ethno-village consists of multiple houses that demonstrate life, traditions, and customs of people who live in the territory of East Kazakhstan. The total area of the village is 7 hectares.

House museum of folk crafts

The house museum of folk crafts is a three-story ancient castle, where everything is made of wood, including all pieces of furniture, and stairs.

Everything in this museum is a unique work of art.

Here you can buy an exclusive gift or a souvenir and be sure that it will be in a single copy.

Alley of lovers

It is Located, from the Irtysh Bridge to the Novatorov Street, the park, opened in August 2011 in the celebration of the Day of Oskemen.

As you can tell by the name of the alley, the main theme of its architecture is love.

Each sculpture here is filled and saturated with love themes. Here you can see more than 20 different sculptures, such as “Hearts of Lovers,” a sculpture of a man sitting on a bench with a guitar and many others.

It is a very peaceful place with a beautiful view of the Irtysh River.

Khalifa Altai mosque

Park Metallurg

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