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Silk Road can be thought of as a gateway that connected Europe and fringes of Asia and paved the way for Eurasian silk trade among the transcontinental regions. Uzbekistan along with other Central Asian countries played a key vital role in the transportation network of the Great Silk Roads.

The first caravans appeared on the Silk Road in around 138 BC after the opening of Chinese borders for trade. Then till the 19th century, nearly everything from gunpowder to rhubarb, silks were transported via caravans of camels, mules, and horses forming the pillar of trade between China and Levant.

Territories of Central Asia are the place where one of the first civilizations emerged and developed. These ancient cities also accounted for high level of handicraft industry, commodity-money relation, and developed infrastructure which helped immensely in predetermination of the main routes along which trade and exchange took place. In Kyrgyzstan, the Silk Road went through the mountains unlike desert fields of Uzbekistan, and remained almost constant throughout its existence.

A trip through Tashkent which is the capital of this country is an excellent starting place for furthering your explore of Silk Road tour. It is the main city, easy to access, and to this day is the largest exporter of cotton and textiles and, of course, silk. Then you can head to other cities like Fergana Valley region, Osh in Kyrgyzstan, Khojand in Tajikistan, Almaty in Kazakhstan all of which were major cities along the Silk Road.