Art and Craft Tour in Uzbekistan - 12 Days


Uzbek culture is famous around the world for its original style and ornaments in arts and crafts. Local trades are important elements of national and world culture. Many connoisseurs of antique come to our country especially to see and appreciate works of both ancient and modern crafts and take the opportunity of meeting the families of hereditary artisans. The main purpose of the tour is to familiarize you with the traditional trades of Central Asia. You will learn a lot about arts and crafts that Uzbek people are doing throughout centuries. Skills of Suzani embroidery, silk weaving, carpet making, ceramics and smith, calligraphy and miniature paintings are passed down to the present generation from the ancient times. 

You will learn the history and development of local workmanship and meet hereditary craftsmen. You will have a chance to take part in process of making Uzbek traditional embroidery – Suzani, world-famous silk paper, carpet and ikat fabrics. And you will have a lucky opportunity to purchase authentic Suzani embroidery, carpets and unique textile at lower prices directly from craftsmen. We may assure that you will hardly find such unique articles of handmade patterned artistic weaving and embroidery in any other place. In addition, you will visit majestic and marvelous monuments of Tashkent, Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Kokand.

Art and crafts tours are 12 days/11 nights with starting and finishing in Tashkent


Day 1 :

Arrival to Tashkent.

Accommodation at the hotel and rest after the flight.

The research of Uzbekistan will begin from visit to the Museum of Applied Arts. More than 7000 rare works of applied art are kept in depository of the museum.We invite you to have national dinner at one of the most famous restaurants in Tashkent.

Overnight In Tashkent.

Depart Tashkent, fly to Urgench – the capital of the Khorezm Province in order to get to Khiva (35 kms to the southeast), whose old city, known as Ichan Kala, is a UNESCO World Heritage site.Visit carpet workshop.

Guided Sightseeing Program In Khiva :

You will see palaces with the rich mosaic
Unique beautiful minarets
Madrassahs And Mosques Such As :

Kunya-Ark Fortress
Pahlavan Mahmud Complex
Tash-Khowli Palace (Harem)
Kalta-Minor Minaret
Islam Khoja Complex
Lunch In Chaikhana.

Visit woodcarving and ceramic workshop.

Continuation Of Sightseeing Program :

Juma Mosque and Minaret
Minaret and Mosque of Khodja-Islam
Tim of Ala-Kulikhan
Madrassah of Abdulla-Khan
Seyyid Allauddin Mausoleum
Madrassah of Muhamad Amin-Khan
Madrassah of Muhamad Rakhim-Khan
Nurullbay Palace
Walls and gates.
Overnight In Khiva

Depart Khiva, drive to Bukhara (470 kms, 9-10hrs).

You will take long trip through the Kyzyl Kum desert, the 11th largest desert in the world.During the trip you can admire Amu Darya River, as one third of the road is parallel to the course of this great Central Asian river, and communicate with a family of local shepherds that have installed their yurt (nomads’ tent) close to the highway.

Lunch en route.

Arrival To Bukhara.

Check in at the hotel.

Evening at leisure.

Night At The Hotel In Bukhara.

NOTE : In case the flight Urgench-Bukhara is opened the transfer Khiva-Bukhara will be arranged by plane.

Day 4 :

The fourth day of our trip will begin from visit to Embroidery workshop to meet with Arabov family-prominent Suzane craftsmen. Shahlo Abdullaeva, the member of Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan, will hold seminar, where you can learn the traditional embroidery patterns of Suzane in order to embroider by your own hands (4 hrs).

Lunch At Chaikhana.

Guided Sightseeing Tour In Bukhara:

Visit Ismail Samani – one of the most esteemed sights of central Asian architectures is the burial place of Samanid dynasty dated 9 century
Chashma Ayub (Job’s well)
Arc Fortress
Kalon mosque and minaret
Madrassah Miri-Arab
Magoki-Attori mosque.
Master Class by famous Bukhara gold embroidery (1.30hrs)

Continuation Of Sightseeing Program:

Madrasah Ulugbek and Abdulazizkhan.
Trading domes.
Lyabi Hauz Complex.
Divan Begi Madrassah and Khanaqa
Madrassah Chor-Minor
Visit blacksmiths’ museum- workshop. The museum-workshop is a living museum. Not only could one learn there the history of the ancient blacksmith’s craft, but also participate in making blacksmith products.

The senior researcher of the museum is Usto Shokir Kamolov, who comes of a family of blacksmiths.

National dinner (Bukhara cuisine)

Night At The Hotel In Bukhara

Day 5 :

Visit Carpet workshop. Seminar and master class will be held by Bukhara well-known craftsman Ulugbek Rahimov (2.30hrs)

And we will also visit several carpet workshops organized under the aegis of UNESCO.Visit world -famous Chor-Bakr Necropolis (8 km) -the burial place of the descendants of the prophet Muhammad.

Lunch At Chaikhana.

Trip to summer palace of Bukhara emir’s Sitorai-Mokhi-Khosa and Central Asian Mecca- Bakhoutdin Naqshbandi mausoleum.

Visit miniature workshop. Master class by Medieval Eastern Miniature and calligraphy (2.30 hrs)Folklore fashion show will give you an idea about Uzbek traditional costume. As in all Muslim countries, Islamic values in Uzbekistan were reflected in the style of dress. At the end of the twentieth century, Western fashion dominated, but fashionable styles are still produced with native design elements and in traditional multi-colored textile patterns.

Night At The Hotel In Bukhara.

Depart Bukhara, drive to Nurata via Gijduvan (200 kms , 2.30 hrs)

A small town of Gijduvan is situated in 46 km northeast from Bukhara.

Gijduvan ceramics take the special place among the large number of crafts produced here.

Gijduvan embroidery is the other distinctive craft regenerated and developed by the master Mustabshira Barakayeva. The craftswomen of the Narzullaev family (Mustapshira Barakaeva, Gulbakhor Narzullaeva and Mavluda Narzullaeva) embroider in silk on cotton fabric in the style traditional to Gijduvan.

In Gijduvan we will visit the Ceramic workshop and the Museum of Ceramics founded by Narzullaev Family.

Nurata is one of the most important centers of traditional Uzbek embroidery.

Nurata embroidery cannot be mistaken for any other school of embroidery due to its unique styles.We will visit Village Embroidery (1.30 hrs)

Lunch At Chaikhana.

Continue driving to Yurt camp in Kyzyl Kum desert.

Arrive at Yurt camp, accommodation in Yurts.

Camel riding and free time. In the evening dinner near the camp fire with Kazakh akin singing folk songs.

Overnight At Yurt Camp.

Day 7 :

Early in the morning depart Nurata, drive to Samarkand ( 130 kms ,2 hrs)

Check in to the hotel. Breakfast.

Visit Abdulla’s carpet workshop “Hojom” – famous Samarkand carpet factory where 400 girls weave hand-made silk carpets. You will have the opportunity to see the full process of carpet making from the very beginning to the end and (2.30 hrs)

Lunch At Chaikhana.

Guided Sightseeing Tour Around Samarkand :

Visit fabulous Registan Square and Bibi-Khanum Mosques, the 15th century Ulugbek observatory, Guri-Emir mausoleum, Shakhi-Zinda Complex.
Visit Koni Gil paper mill (10 kms from Samarkand, 2 hrs) -revival of old technology paper production.
Visit Afrasiab – the oldest part and the ruined site of ancient Samarkand ( 7 km)
National dinner with Uzbek Fashion show.
Overnight At The Hotel In Samarkand.

Early in the morning depart Samarkand, drive to Shakhrisabz ( 80 kms, 1 hr)

Visit kilim workshop in Shakhrisabz.

Sightseeing Tour Around Shakhrisabz :

Ak Sarai Palace, Kok Gumbaz Mosque and Doru Saodat Complex
Crypt of Temur. The area is also famous for its distinctive embroidery style and the stalls around the Kok Gumbaz have excellent pieces considerably cheaper than Samarkand.
Ak Sarai Palace, Kok Gumbaz Mosque and Doru Saodat Complex
We will also visit craftsman’s workshop of Iroki embroidery to watch different techniques of embroidery,
Dinner at local family is a good chance to learn more about customs of Uzbek family.

Back to Samarkand.

Overnight At The Hotel In Samarkand.

Day 9 :

Depart Shakhrisabz, drive to Tashkent ( 300 kms, 3.30 hrs)

Check in to the hotel.

After lunch visit Rahimov’s ceramic studio Rahimov’s dynasty has over six generation of ceramic masters. A lot of great ceramic products created by the family are stored in museums around the world, including Hermitage and Museum of East ( 2 hrs).

Visit center of Tashkent, Amir Temur Square, Independence Square, Kukeldash Madrasah and of course Hast-Imam Complex which contains the most famous Koran in the world – the Othman Koran .It is considered to be the oldest in the world! The book written in the 7th century has traveled a lot: Medina, Damascus, Baghdad, Samarkand, St. Petersburg and Ufa. Now it is kept in the Library of Hast Imam.

Overnight At The Hotel In Tashkent.

Early in the morning depart Tashkent, drive to Margilan ( 350 kms, 5 hrs)

Today you will visit “Yodgorlik’? silk making factory with master class by weaving and dying fabrics (2.30 hrs)

National lunch in the open air.

After lunch we will visit Ikat fabric workshops: Abdurasul’s (30 min) and Asadulo’s (2.30 hrs)

Depart Margelan, drive to Rishtan ( 50 kms, 1 hr)

Visit hereditary ceramist R. Usmonov in Rishtan

Depart Rishtan, drive to Kokand ( 35 kms, 1 hr)

Check in at the hotel.

Overnight At The Hotel In Kokand.

Day 11 :

After breakfast visit the 19th century Khudayar Khan’s Palace. After losing rule over his city state, Khudayar Khan spent all of his money and energies beautifying his city with many graceful mosques, madrassahs and his great palace with its 113 ornately decorated rooms – 19 of which are now open as a museum.

We will also visit Jami Mosque, Narbuta-bey Madrassah, Modari-khan Mausoleum- the burial vault for all the women of the khan’s kin.

After Lunch Depart Kokand, Drive To Tashkent (250 Kms, 4hrs)

Overnight At The Hotel In Tashkent.

Day 12 :

Visit Chor-Su Bazaar. We will get the market by Tashkent subway. Several stops will give you an idea about the beauty and unique design of its stations.

Lunch At Chaikhana.

Visit Museum of Fine Arts. Farewell dinner at well-known Tashkent restaurant.

The End of Tour.

Transfer To Airport. International Flight From Tashkent.

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