Practically unheard of even few years or decades back, the small town of Yangiabad located in the foothills of Tien-Shan Mountains is steadily gaining popularity as a sublime recreational destination. Located just 119 Km from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, this place takes you away from an usual Oriental Central Asian desert environment more towards a mountainous atmosphere.

History Of Yangiabad

Yangiabad is a relatively new city in Uzbekistan which was founded only in around 1953. Located just 10 Km away from the industrial city of Angren, the rich uranium and silver deposits beneath the soil was very well known and construction of a mining town was proposed as early as the 1940s. During the Tsarist period, the city was strategically designated as an important zone of the USSR. After the founding of this town, skilled miners from European part of USSR, mostly Russians and Ukrainians, came here to work and settle down.The immigration comprised of both civilians and prisoners, the latter group of which is believed to have contributed significantly to the development of the city. Additionally, as per some sources and because of the presence of the German architecture in the ancient buildings, it is considered that the town was built mainly by German immigrants who first arrived here through Volga River and other regions of USSR.

Since the minerals in the land ran low after years of operation, factories got shut down and both the population and economic value of this place gradually decreased. Currently Yangiabad is a deserted town which is reduced down to 10-15% of its size of what it used to be during the Soviet period. Bulkof the inhabitants is ethnic Uzbeks and Tajiks with little to no European population.

Things To Do In Yangiabad

After the brief mining era, Yangiabad is now a popular recreational zone. Locals and tourists coming from outside of Uzbekistan flock to this place because of its unmatchable natural beauty. You can enjoy various activities while you’re in Yangiabad such as: