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Gastronomic festival “Taste of France” will be held for the 6th time in the restaurants of Uzbekistan.

The Goût de/Good France/Taste of France is back and will take place from October 14 to 22, 2021. For the sixth time, it will be a grand celebration of French gastronomy in France and around the world. Once again, with this festival, on five continents …

Tourists will come in droves: a unique archeological find in Uzbekistan

Famous TV presenter Vladimir Pozner shared his dream of visiting Uzbekistan and told what exactly interested him in this country. Recently, the British newspaper The Times presented a rating of the most attractive places to travel. Along with Australia, Norway, Alaska, Uzbekistan was on the …
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Tashkent Excursion

5 Most Interesting Places to Visit in Tashkent Excursion

Planning a tour to Uzbekistan, as well as in any other country, we, of course, “shovel” a ton of information on the questions “where to go? what to see? where to visit?”, ...

Security in Uzbekistan (100% High Level)

Is it safe to travel in Uzbekistan? Against the background of the turbulent situation in many countries around the world, tourists traveling to a country in the Central Asian region, the question of ...

How to Choose the Best Restaurant in a Strange Land?

How to Choose the Best Restaurant in a Strange Land? You get to know a country and its people through its national cuisine, but how do you choose a restaurant in a foreign country that offers the ...
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How Kyrgyzstan Tours Has Been Offering The Real Ancient Attractions In August?

We have numerous other blogs with us that will give you tons of knowledge about all other Silk Road countries such as Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan & Turkmenistan. Every colourful ...

Top 10 Reasons To Consider Uzbekistan As Your Next Holiday Destination

When it is all about traveling to a new place, there are only a few travelers who dare to go somewhere that is an ‘out of the box’ destination. You can be one of them if you can keep your options ...

25 Incredible Photos Of Uzbekistan Which Inspire You To Start Planning To Visit Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is well known for its wonderful architecture at the Silk Road route. It has three main destinations like Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva. Each one of them is completely unique and so much ...
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