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    The perfect trip – what is it like? With Minzifa Travel, you no longer have to accept compromises. Go on adventures on your own terms and enjoy the best vacations!

    On Minzifa Travel’s official website, everyone can put together a customized tour of their desired itinerary. All you need is a little free time.

    Who do I want to go with?

    We believe that the company plays a crucial role in any trip. So in the first point we suggest to decide with whom you want to go on vacation – on your own, with a large company, with your family or with a loved one. Active or passive vacation? Daily excursions or more free time? Early rise or evening leisure? It all depends on your answer!

    How much time do I want to spend in Uzbekistan?

    With Minzifa Travel even the shortest trip to the East will be remembered for a lifetime. In the second paragraph, we ask you to choose the approximate number of days you are willing to spend in Uzbekistan.

    Look at the “flexible schedule” option. Would you agree to travel on weekdays, or is your vacation available only on calendar weekends? In both cases, we will be happy to advise you on the right tour!

    When can I come?

    Dreaming of seeing Uzbekistan as soon as possible or ready to wait for the best deal? Or maybe you have a vacation or honeymoon planned, so are interested in certain dates? Just enter your approximate arrival date in the box in the third paragraph.

    Where will I live?

    Minzifa Travel cooperates only with the best hotels in Uzbekistan, so we are ready to offer a hotel for every taste. Think and say what factor is crucial for you when choosing temporary accommodation. Do you dream to stay in a business class hotel and feel like a hero of an oriental fairy tale? Do you walk a lot, so the city center is important? Would you like to save money on a hotel and spend more on entertainment? We will choose a hotel with your wishes in mind!

    Will there be leisure time?

    Tours from Minzifa Travel are always an interesting program, but you can influence its saturation. Are you ready to spend all your free time on excursions in the company of a professional guide or do you want to walk on your own? We want you to have time to see the main sights of Uzbekistan and at the same time to enjoy the atmosphere of the country at your own pleasure!

    How will I get there?

    The first thing you have to do to see the eastern country is to get there. That means you have to decide on the choice of transport. By plane will be faster, but maybe you prefer the romance of trains? We are ready to organize a tour, taking into account every wish!


    Most likely, you are going to Uzbekistan because you want to see certain sights? Or do you know nothing at all about the country and dream to get acquainted with its color? Choose which cities you absolutely want to visit and tell us what we can do to make your trip with Minzifa Travel special for you.

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    Now all that is left is to provide your contacts: full name, nationality, email address and phone number. We promise that we will call only with your permission and about your future trip, and we will not pass personal information to third parties. You are safe with us!

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    Yes! Just please tell me the purpose of your request. Maybe you’re making plans for the weekend? Or comparing prices with similar companies? Or maybe you’re just looking for ideas for future trips? In any case we will be glad to be of help!

    Submit your request and we’ll respond within 24 hours and match you with one of our tours. Create your dream trip with Minzifa Travel!