Aktau Tour

Aktau is a city in Kazakhstan, located in the east bank of the Caspian Sea. Its current name means “white mountain” in Kazakh, which may be due to its cliffs that overlook the Caspian.

Aktau is known for its unique block address system. Almost there are no streets in Aktau. Instead of addresses, it consists of three numbers the district number, the building number, and the apartment number, this is because Aktau, was first planned as a camp for the workers of the oil industry. In Aktau you can experience a cold desert climate with dry summers and mild winters.

Attractions Of Aktau:

The main attraction in the city is the Caspian Sea with its long sidewalks beaches. There are a lot of exciting things to do in Aktau, taking from historical sites to cultural attractions, explore the list of all other local attractions in Aktau where you can find new places to see and unique things to do nearby Aktau.

Shevchenko Monument:

The monument needs to be the first point of place for you to visit while you are in the city area. It is a huge monument of a man sitting on a platform, after all, it is a popular Shevchenko Monument in Aktau.

Mountain-Piala Sherkala:

Aktau has its own mountain canyons known as Sherkala. It looks more like a Hidden Beast but is also resembles a bowl and a tent. You can feel yourself standing on top of the world while at Sherkala.

Mangystau Regional Local History Museum:

You can continue your tour towards the city museum as there are many unique, colorful and worthy scenes which you need to see. If you are about to visit the city’s Mangystau Regional Local History Museum then your kids can learn a lot of things after visiting this cool and informative museum.


It is a scared historical site visit in Aktau. It is far away from the center of Aktau.

Aktau Beach:

It is hard to find such a magnificent beach in Kazakhstan but you will be glad as there is one. This beach has both rocky hills and sandy beaches along the seaside. There are also several modern resorts on the coast to the south of the city.

Kurmangazy Monument :

The kurmangazy monument is the most famous monument in the city of Aktau.

Karagiye Depression:

It is time to visit the well-knownKaragiye Depression. It is also known as Lake Batir, one of the most magnificent natural wonders in Aktau. Apart from that, it is among the deepest drainage basins of the Commonwealth of Independent Countries.

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