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Baikonur is very famous all over the world because of its launching site for spacecraft or cosmodrome, the place of many spacefaring achievements like the first operational ICBM, the launch of Sputnik and the launch of the first manned orbital flight by Yuri Gagarin.

Baikonur is built near the village of Tyuratam, the name still used by the railway station, and was known as Leninsk until retitled by Yeltsin in 1995.

Baikonur tour is an exciting tour, take the flight to Kyzyl-Orda from Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis. And after reaching your destination Kyzyl-Orda go to Baikonur which is 3-hour journey with a distance of 240 km, If you love road trips then go by car.

Baikonur makes for a fabulous vacation for this rocket launch facility is used for launching spaceships and satellites from all around the world.

When you visit Baikonur, you should go for the Soyuz launch tour at Baikonur Cosmodrome, a unique experience where you will see a manned rocket launch.

Then visit and roam the whole Baikonur city, where you should visit the Museum of Baikonur Cosmodrome History, a memorial to rocketeers, Yuri Gagarin monument & local squares. Stop at Soyuz rocket model and take a look at the beautiful monuments.

Next, visit the Baikonur Cosmodrome and the memorializing houses of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, and Sergei Korolev, a pillar of practical astronautics and lead Soviet rocket engineer during 1950-1966.

There are some more interesting places in Baikonur to visit and to take a look. South of the city center, which is situated near the Syr Darya River there you will find a large park with several sports and recreation facilities, you can enjoy thereby playing sports and by doing other fun activities.

In a tradition that goes back to Yuri Gagarin and the Soviet space program, each cosmonaut crew member has planted a tree before their departure at the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

The trees are situated, following the Cosmonaut Hotel, which is designed for cosmonauts to rest before their space travels. The grove lines the Avenue of the Cosmonauts, as it’s called, and each is designated, with a plaque with the crew member’s name and the year.

Gagarin’s tree stands the tallest, while recent Soyuz crews have smaller saplings growing from the soil. A planting traditionally takes place the day before a voyage, although it can also be the week before, and it’s accompanied by a walk in the grove to remember the intrepid cosmonauts who came before through the trees that flourish in their absence.

Apart from these well-known attractions, there are many Baikonur sights to visit. There is a small railway station in the center of the city that takes workers to the cosmodrome on a daily basis.

An old train of the “E” series is situated nearby, that was the first train traveled between the city and the cosmodrome. There is also a monument to Lenin with a steal signed “Science and space” next to it.

In Baikonur, you will see memorials to so many rocket engineers and scientists: Korolev, Nedelin, Ryazanskiy, Pilyugin, and others. Baikonur sights are the real gems of the city and memory to all those who gave their lives for the space exploration. If you are looking for a Baikonur tour then call us/visit us/contact us to get exclusive offers/deals

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