Kazakhstan Climate

The climatic condition of Kazakhstan is always cold.Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country, and a vast country of Central Asia, it’s a huge state full of natural sites that will blow your mind.

The Climate in Kazakhstan is more than 30 °C (86 °F), in summer and average −20 °C (−4.0 °F) in winter. In the summer season the hot winds from the deserts of Iran can blow.

But there is something mysteriously captivating about the massive steppes, and the beautiful mountains.It has a markedly continental climate, with very cold winters mostly everywhere, and here the summers are warm in the north and hot in the south.

Climate In Winter Season

  • November to March is the winter season in Kazakhstan.
  • During this season Kazakhstan gets extremely cold, and the entire country gets hidden under the snow.
  • If you are planning to visit during winter, then you must be tolerably prepared. You must carry all your warm clothes.
  • This is not the best time to visit Kazakhstan for those people who can’t bear the extreme cold.
  • Sometimes the cold winter lasts until the end of April. Astana is known as the coldest city in the world after Ulan-Bator.

Climate In Summer Season

  • If you want to visit the country, the best time is during the summer, between July and August, when the weather is magnificent.
  • It does get hot, but not too hot for people to handle and the best time for mountain climbing and hiking.
  • It is the best season to roam around the beautiful places of Kazakhstan.
  • If you want to go for trekking, then you need quite warm weather and mild temperature. So, July to August is the best time for that.
  • During this time, the plants will be blooming all around the mountains, and you will be able to start trekking.

Climate In Rainy Season

  • If you want to travel on a budget, and want to avoid the heat, then September to October is a good time to visit Kazakhstan.
  • In between September to October, mountains are lush and beautiful, and by this time some ski slopes also open up.
  • During this season the temperatures are mild, but there will be some rainfall towards the end of the season, so you must carry a rain jacket with you when traveling during this period.

Climate In Spring Season

  • If you like warm temperatures and want to avoid the heat, then April to June is the best time for you to visit Kazakhstan.
  • There are less people in the country during this season, so you will be able to find cut-rate tickets and accommodation as well.
  • And if you want to explore, the Buddhist heritage of the country at Tamgaly Tas.
  • During the spring season, you can also attend the Easter mass at the Zenkov Cathedral.

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