Kyrgyzstan Exhibitions

As refreshing as the petite morning dew during early winters, is a small nation is located in Central Asia scripted as Kyrgyzstan. Peacefully perching next to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China with rising mountains and snowy misty heights Kyrgyzstan is a land of history, art, magnificent landscape, spectacular serene nature. Boasting the second largest Alpine lake, thousands of wan

Picture perfect mountainous terrains here is heaven for adventure seekers, skiers, mountain climbers and also to the those seeking serene picturesque sight to unwind during the travel. The mountains of Kyrgyzstan still wandered by nomads, living in large, circular, felt tents called yurts. The yurt dwelling land is along the Silk Road, the ancient trade route from China to the Mediterranean. Not just alpines, this land also boasts the second largest Salt Lake called Issyk-Kul lake, shimmering with sparkling water and snow-capped mountainous backdrop.

Bishkek the capital of Kyrgyzstan contributes to serving the major population as much as 27%, thus leaving much of the lands into the wilderness unexplored, heaven for bicyclist, trekkers. Nomadics use horses for regular transportation making horseback trekking readily available and affordable. Taking a cue from the same, the national sports of the Kyrgyz is “Dead Goat Polo”. An extreme sport is a must witness, where two teams of men on horseback fight it out to take possession of a dead goat and dodge through to the opponent’s goal.

Since the time of Alexander the great, Arslan Bob is the largest natural growth walnut forest. Horseback tour guides you through the forest for some amazing scenes and gathers some of the harvests. Fermented mare’s milk, called kymyz is the national drink, which is believed to be a cure for many ailments. The food expedition to nomadic menu serves you with meat and more meat… To promote tourism and cater to more tourist’s footfall the government has arranged visa less travel for USA, Canada and 45 other European countries. Not just nature, but Kyrgyzstan also has some hearted people playing a perfect host, guiding through the cultural heritage.

Festivals are one of the most effective ways to continue the legacy, preserve and showcase culture for any nation, and Kyrgyzstan is no less. They have multiple games around the year. The most enticing, alluring festivals feature arts, crafts, cuisine, folklore, hunting with birds, and horse games. Most of the festivals are held in jailoos (or summer pastures), with yurts showing off traditional dishes and selling crafts. Summers are the most preferred time to visit as winters are quite extreme…Though winters are the best time for skiers.

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