Tajikistan Myths and Legends

A place is identified not only by its culture, tradition, and people but by the legends and stories that are part of what makes these features so interesting when linked with a place. People have used different means to keep the historical occurrences alive and have passed information from generation to generation through a distinct oral tradition. However, over the years some stories have changed drastically and have turned into ones that are almost unbelievable, unlikely and unimaginable.

Historians sometimes aren’t even sure about their authenticity.

One such story is that of the Yeti.

In Asian folklore, a Yeti is found in snowy mountain ranges, like the Himalayan ranges and is thought to be an enormous human and ape-like being who has been terrifying people ever since civilisations developed in these areas.

Depending on the culture, the Yeti is known by different names, and countries surrounding Tajikistan claim the Yeti as their own old story as well.

The fearless soldiers reported seeing a “snowman” in the Pamir mountain ranges, in the year 1967. The commander of the troop ordered them to catch it or to kill it in order to protect their people and erase fear from the minds of the residents of the area. The soldiers ended up shooting the huge mammal along the country borders and apparently, the dead body of the animal was taken and sent to Moscow as a successful secret mission.

However, sightings of similar creatures or “snow people”, have been frequently reported in the area beginning as far back as the 19th century and the locals consider the story to be true to the present date.

People have reported seeing a large, hulking figure, walking like a man without clothes, at great heights and out in the cold in the snowy weather in the Himalayas and the Pamir mountain ranges.

Unusual footprints similar to a barefoot man have also been spotted in the snowy backdrop.

The legend of the Yeti remains in Tajikistan even today. A question that continues mingling in people’s minds today is “What if it IS true?”

However, for all those adventuresome souls, exploring the Pamir Mountains in Tajikistan might be the type of vacation and trek they’re actually looking for. The Pamir Mountains are majestic and jaw-dropping, even without the legend of the Tajikistani Yeti, or the Abominable Snowman or any other haunting animal.

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