Turkmenistan Weather & Climate

Mostly covered with plains and deserts, Turkmenistan is bound to have a drier and continental climate. However, you can expect a milder and colder atmosphere in the mountain covered regions of the country and on the offshore areas of the Caspian Sea that lies on the western borders of the country, Turkmenistan.

The lowest temperature recorded in the region is minus 32 degrees as measured in the winter days and the highest temperature recorded has reached up to 50 degrees during the summer months.

In spite of the harsh day temperatures during the summers, the nighttime temperatures vary between minus 18 degrees to 14 degrees on some days. This causes an overall fluctuation of 30 degrees in the temperatures along the day. This is the cause of the diurnal temperature backdrop in Turkmenistan.

Average Precipitation

It hardly ever rains in Turkmenistan. The average precipitation rate is 80mm in a year and sometimes reaches up to 300-400 mm during the winters. Snow and rainfall are common in the months of December to March when the temperature goes below zero degrees.

Rest of the year is comparatively drier, cloudless and clear. While travelling to Turkmenistan do not forget to carry a pair of sunglasses along with sunscreen and headdresses to avoid sunburns.

Seasonal Overview Of Ohe Country


Turkmenistan is best visited during the spring. The season offers you enough reasons to explore outdoors and reach out to the colourful side of Turkmenistan. Regions around the Caspian Sea are usually overflooded with tourists during these months. Nights around the lake are chilling cold on some days, but knowing it to be a desert area makes it bearable.


The Turkmenistan days can be fairly hot during the months between July and September. Temperatures soar up to as high as 100 degrees and stay in that range. Knowing Turkmenistan to be a country more beautiful outdoors, this is definitely not the best time to holiday in the region.

Autumn (October-December)

The best time to visit the cultural offerings in Turkmenistan, this time of the year marks the beginning of the fall and the cold days. The weather is just suitable to explore the unexplored breadths of the country. However, 20th October to 1st of November witnesses the Independence day celebrations in the country and therefore no one is allowed to move out of the country during this time of the year for security reasons.

Winter (December-February)

These are the cold days in Turkmenistan. Although Turkmenistan is not as cold as other Central Asian countries, the weather does dip down to 0 degrees and less. You can experience snowfalls during this part of the year. Also, some of the places of tourist attractions remain closed to avoid mishaps and injuries.

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