Uzbekistan Myths and Legends

The history of any country, place, or region encompasses folklores, myths, legends, and intriguing stories besides numbers and facts. The universe of myths and legends of Uzbekistan is very big and colorful. It is the world where folk stories perfectly mix with the significant history of this region.

The stories are about heroes, magic, events, and places that have now made a mark in Uzbekistan history. In your Uzbekistan travel, you’ll unequivocally come across some of these which will be apprised either by your tour guide, driver, hotel manager or locals living in the area.

Bukhara is the city which is associated with a lot of legends. A place where antiquity is saturated in the atmosphere and seems tangible, the ancient monuments take a whole new avatar when you see them through the glasses of legends. Same goes with Khiva which was historically the center of Khorezm. The ancient fortress is here is home to many mysteries and spellbinding stories related to it. One such is the story of Shem, one of the sons of Noah. The well mentioned in this story can still be found in the Itchan-Kala fortress.

Popular Myths And Legends Of Uzbekistan Are:

  • Legend about Uzbekistan
  • Legend of Bibi-Khanym
  • Siyavush and Afrasiab
  • ChashmaAyub
  • Leopard – The Symbol of Samarkand
  • Tamerlane’s Gravestone
  • Tamerlane’s Curse
  • The Legend of ShahjuvaraKirkKiz
  • Shahi-Zinda
  • 40 steps to Shah-i-Zinda
  • Kalyan Minaret
  • Samarkand bread
  • Mausoleum of St. Daniel
  • Legend of Khan-Atlas

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