Issyk Ata And Burana


The Issyk Ata gorge located 80 kilometres away from Bishkek is enthroned amidst the mountain peaks. The gorge turns into a stunning alpine meadow as you hike to the higher points of the peaks. The riverbeds and the streams chisel through the bottom edge of the gorge. Waterfalls complete the look of the beautiful gorge.

Isyyk Ata Hot Water Spring

One of the most popular features of the gorge is the hot springs that are believed to have magical, healing powers and have properties to heal a variety of diseases.

The 2nd-7th century stone carving of a Budha in its backdrop further adds to the belief that the magical powers of the spring that were discovered centuries ago.

Issyk Ata Legends

It is believed that a young woman used to bathe in the waters of the spring every day. Her friends died of old age but she remained young with the miraculous powers of the spring.

Another story is that of an Uzbek shaman who lived as the village hermit near the springs and is known for her healing prowess and isolated lifestyle. She lived a long life because of the spring waters.

The healing powers of the spring attracted Turkic nomads and Russian colonists just as they attract tourists from all around the world in the present day.

Flora And Fauna

The gorge is known for trout farms. However, the upper points of the mountain are covered with dense vegetation and are home to herds of strong, masculine horses.

Languages In Issyk Ata

No one speaks English in the gorge. The people speak in local Kyrgyz language in some of the Central Asian languages as well.


A small village in the Chuy Region of Kyrgyzstan, Burana with a population of 428 people. The place is known for the Burana Tower and the associated ruins of Balasagun that lies not far from the tower.

Burana Tower

A large minaret in the Chuy Valley of Kyrgyzstan, the Burana Tower stands 80km to the east of Bishkek. The tower with grave markers, earthworks and remains of a castle that contains three huge mausoleums. An external, steep, winding stairway helps its tourists to reach up to the top.

The 45 meter-high tower withstood a number of earthquakes. The damages can be clearly seen in the tower structure.

The Winding Stairway Inside The Burana Tower

The site along with the mausoleums, grave markers and the castle ruins are now redesigned into a museum that contains artifacts and historical information about the surrounding region.

Pottery, coins and other artifacts tell us about the diverse region and the untold stories of Burana.

The Ruins Of Balasagun

The Burana Zone is located at the edge of the city of Tokmok and about 6 km away from the village of Balasagun. The remains include a field of stoned petroglyphs, the bal-bals and the Burana Tower. Built in the 11th century, the ruins of the ancient city of Balasagun was further destroyed by several earthquakes. The damage is being repaired since 1970.

The gorge and the remains complement each other for a day trip. While the gorge offers beautiful Scenic beauty, the remains tell its visitors a lot about the Kyrgyz history and culture. Book your day tour to Issyk Ata and Burana for your family vacation. Call us or visit our website to learn more about the day tour to Issyk Ata and Burana.

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