Kazakhstan Adventure Tour

The largest of the Central Asian countries by far, Kazakhstan is a land of big skies and vast open spaces. Dominated by the seemingly unending northern steppe, the country is also blessed with beautiful lakes and a rugged spine of snowcapped mountains along its borders with China and Kyrgyzstan, and also with a lot of adventurous places. With such raw and remote landscapes, untouched and unspoiled by crowds, this is a destination superbly suited to outdoor adventuring.

Baikonur Tour

The place Baikonur is very popular, because of its launching site for spacecraft or Cosmodrome.

It is the place of many spacefaring achievements like the first operational ICBM, the launch of Sputnik and the launch of the first manned orbital flight by Yuri Gagarin.

You will love traveling to Baikonur, take the flight to Kyzyl-Orda from Almaty, Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis. And after reaching your destination Kyzyl-Orda go to Baikonur which is 3-hour journey with a distance of 240 km, If you love road trips then go by car.

Aral Sea Tour

Aral is situated, in Western Kazakhstan near the Aral Sea. It is an anterior fishing village. The story is honored, by a wall painting in the Aral train station. Mainly tourists from different places come here to visit ship graveyards.

You can go for a full day trip to Moynaq, which is a former fishing community on the Aral Sea when water of the sea was at its normal old level.

The Aral Sea trip allows each traveler to feel the madness and wonders of nature, take a look at the human power in the architectural monuments of Karakalpak Stan and all the paintings kept in Savitsky Museum. The landscape Aral Sea is interesting, especially bearing in mind that you are walking on what used to be the bottom of the sea.

The disappearing Aral Sea with the graveyard of broken ships, deserted settlements of fishermen, tombs of old Massaget tribes, over thousand archaeological monuments and mirages in the steppe Trying to get to the Aral Sea.

Kazak Adventure

If you are an adventurous person then, you must go for Kazakh adventure tour, And experience the astonishing and the attractive mountain scenery. In this tour, you will see the beautiful mountain surroundings of Kazakhstan.

Some Of The Famous Adventurous Place:

Chimbulak Ski resort, situated 2230 meters above the sea level in Almaty. It is one of the most famous places for its mild climate and the exotic scenarios.

One of the most adventurous places in the surrounding mountains of Trans-Ili Ala-Tau and reach an altitude of 2230 meters above sea level.

The very famous Kok-Tobe hill, which will give you an unforgettable scenery of Almaty, Kazakhstan. At the bottom of the tallest TV tower in the world, you can walk along the twisting paths of the Kok-Tobe park, see the beautiful monument devoted to The Beatles.

The Big Almaty Lake is one of the most famous and beautiful Lake which is situated 15 km away from the Almaty city center.

Before leaving the beautiful Almaty you must visit some of the exotic places like Charynskiy Canyon, Ile-Alatau National Park, Red Rocks, then go for a drive to a high-mountainous plateau Assy and then to a sports base Almatau. Excursion to ancient drawings and a high-mountainous observatory.

SUV Tour

While going to the adventurous journey the SUV will be the best thing for you to make your journey more exciting. You can book an SUV for you in Almaty and go for a road trip to different adventurous places.

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