Morning pilaf is one of the old and obligatory Uzbek rituals

Morning pilaf is one of the long-standing and obligatory Uzbek rites, in which only men participate. This meal is usually timed to coincide with large celebrations, at the birth of a child, on the occasion of circumcision, in honor of the return from military service, on the morning before a wedding, when the Prophet (63 years old), or on sad dates: in memory of the deceased and on other occasions. The day of the morning pilaf is appointed in advance, and organizers send invitations to relatives, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

The organizer’s relatives gather in advance in the evening, and the ritual “sabzi tugrar,” which translates to “slicing carrots,” is performed. Although along with the carrots, onions are peeled and chopped, rice is prepared, cotton oil is spiked, and so on. Carrots are one of the main ingredients of pilaf, along with rice and meat, and it is carrots that make the pilaf juicy.

Immediately after the morning prayer “bomdod namozi”, which ends with sunrise, the pilaf is served. As soon as the morning prayer is over, the first guests come to the pilaw. The table is also served with national tortillas, dried fruits, snacks and tea. If the occasion for the pilaf is joyous, the ceremony is heralded by musicians on Uzbek national instruments (karnai surnai), informing everyone in the neighborhood of the beginning of the morning pilaf.

Large lagans with hot pilaf are served on the tables. One yagan is usually for two people. Before the meal, the guests recite a duo (blessing) to the wedding hosts, those responsible for the occasion, and repeat it after the morning pilaf.

Morning pilaf is one of the mandatory rituals!

Uzbek customs and traditions.

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