Otrar And Turkestan tour

Turaband, Tarban, Turar, and Farab are other names for Otrar. It is the birthplace of the famous scholar known as Al-Farab. Otrar was among the most renowned cities along the Silk Road during its golden period. It was first established in the 2nd Century ВС, at the time of Kang-yu confederation of states, placed in the middle region of the Syr Darya.

Otrar, also recognized as KanguTarban or Kangly in subsequent centuries, this society was able to maintain control for a relatively long time by mixing with various Turkmen associations.Its influence only waned with the coming of Islam into Central Asia.

Must Visit Places In Otrar:

Otrar Museum:

It is located within the village of Shauildir, 11km to the south of the location. If you are returning here from Shymkent, take the most road towards a geographic area, turning left once 92km at a sign posted terminal just to the north of the hamlet of Tortkol.

Shauildir is 45km on the repository is at the top of the village. Returning from the geographic area, it lies in the south of the city, within the same direction because of the Arystan Bab Sepulcher.


Heading north from Shauildir, flip right when a turning has signposted for the village of Talapti. The village is another 4km on, with the massive low hill of Otrartobe on your right as you reach it.

Solely a little portion of the location has been excavated. One of the foremost attention-grabbing regions lies on the southwestern face of Capitol Hill, wherever the excavations have disclosed a place of worship, probably qualitative analysis from the sixteenth century.

This part of the location is recognizable by the rehabilitated square column-bases. Two spherical column-bases on the northern aspect of the masjid mark in its main entrance.

Between the Musjid Associate, which is Nursing an excavated space of living accommodation may be a square on that stands a 15th-century well, a product of unemployed brick and that is over 12m deep.

The most prominent pilgrimage site is the mausoleum of KozhaAkhmedYasaui and Kazakhstan’s greatest architectural monument is in Turkestan (Туркестан). It was created by Timur (Tamarlane; 1336–1405) in the late 14th century on a high scale similar with his brilliant works in Samarkand, and has no competitors in Kazakhstan for human-made beauty.

List Of Same Places Where You Can Visit In Turkestan:

Yasaui Mausoleum:

This beautiful and tiled Mausoleum with a turquoise dome is home to KozhaAkhmedYasaui. It has an 18m-wide dome, above a vast, 2000kg, metal Kazan (cauldron) for holy water.

Edem Restaurant:

The best place to eat in town – is a fine place to down good sushi, shashlyk, pasta, salads, and beer.

History Museum:

The Museum is in the Yasaui Mausoleum grounds, concentrates mostly on KozhaAkhmedYasaui, Sufism, and Islamic learning.

Mausoleum Of Rabigha-Sultan Begum:

It is a small building with a tiled turquoise roof is actually a replica of the 15th-century original (which was ripped down in 1898). Rabigha-Sultan Begum was a great-granddaughter of Timur whose husband, Abylkayyr Khan, a 15th-century leader of the then-nomadic Uzbeks, who put the final touch to the structure of the Yasaui Mausoleum’s facade.

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