Salom, friends! Getting ready for your spring trip to Uzbekistan: what awaits you on an 11-day tour of ancient cities?

Spring is a wonderful time of year when everyone feels like breathing in life again, enjoying the warmth and walking outside more and more often. At this time we want to leave as soon as possible to go on a trip, because in one place there is no sitting. Our tour operator has prepared in advance, so we offer you to book tours to Uzbekistan in March, April or May – choose a date convenient for you and start packing your suitcase, because you are waited for…

Eleven unforgettable days in an oriental fairy tale

The program of the spring tour in Uzbekistan is rich, because it is planned to visit the ancient cities and their outskirts. Each city preserves in its expanses the history and culture of the peoples who have ever lived on the territory of the country.

During the trip you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the national cuisine of different areas, arts and crafts, eastern bazaar and, of course, the locals. Spring tour to Uzbekistan is one of the best, because it allows you to fully experience the color of the country.

Travelling through the cities: we’re going to Khiva

The spring break begins in the open-air museum city of Khiva. Here travelers will find:

The old part of the city of Ichan-Kala, surrounded by defensive walls and gates.
Kunya Ark fortress – the citadel of Khiva Khan.
Tash-Khovli Palace and other amazing places.


After Khiva, visitors to Uzbekistan will find a real gem – the city of Bukhara. We will reach it through the Red Sands Desert, which is the 11th largest desert in the world.

In Bukhara you can enjoy the sightseeing tour where you will see the Ark Citadel of Emir of Bukhara, Bolo House mosque of the 18th-20th centuries, Job’s well, etc.

Travelers have something to surprise them outside the city as well, so we have included in the program of the spring tour a visit to the Sitorai Mohi Hosa summer palace, the mausoleum of Bahouddin Naqshbandi, who founded the Sufi order Nashbandiya and other amazing places.


We leave Bukhara for Samarkand, once the center of the Great Silk Road. Here a visit is planned:

Tamerlane’s Mausoleum.
Registan Square.
Bibi-Khanum Mosque.
Samarkand Sieb Bazaar etc.
There are a few more places of interest 30 km away from Samarkand which our tourists will be able to see: Paper Factory, Carpet Factory, Mausoleum of Prophet Daniel.


And our tour of Uzbekistan continues, and the group heads to the capital – Tashkent. Here awaits the sightseeing program: Independence Square, Amir Timur garden and other sights. Everyone will enjoy walking around the real Oriental bazaar – Chorsu, where they sell local dried fruits, nuts and other delicacies.

After Tashkent, tourists are welcomed by a serpentine ride through the Kamchik mountain pass (just imagine the scenery you can see). This road leads to the city of Margilan which is 20 km away from the next point of our trip – Ferghana.

Margilan – Fergana – Rishtan – Kokand

Margilan is famous for its fine silk, ikat patterns and silk weaving factory. Just imagine, you will visit Fazlidinna handloom masters, Said Ahmad Khuja Madrassah (the location of crafts center). And after that everyone is waiting for Kumtepin Bazaar, Central Bazaar, where satin and adras fabrics are sold at low price.

Also on the tour we will visit Rishtan village with its famous Rishtan ceramics, Kokand with the 19th century palace of Khudayar Khan and the Modari Khan mausoleum. And then the final trip to Tashkent and the flight home.

Buy a tour to Uzbekistan for the spring – enjoy a rich program and fill with positive energy. We will provide support 24/7, we will always be in touch and do our best to make the rest at the highest level.

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