Summer (+40°) Time to Fear the Heat in Uzbekistan!


Summer Time to Fear the Heat in Uzbekistan!

Travelers coming to Uzbekistan in the summer should remember that this period in all of Central Asia is marked by a particularly blazing sun. Therefore, you should take care of your well-being and follow some recommendations, proven by the locals for many centuries.

So, to escape the summer heat you should:

  • Do not go outside in the open sunlight with your head uncovered. It is necessary to wear a hat, and it is better to wear light-colored (white, beige, light gray, etc.).
  • The same principle should be followed when choosing clothes (and it will be better if the clothes are made of natural fibers like cotton, linen, etc. and will not be too tight).
  • Drink water, green tea or a special drink made of chakka (dairy product) and chopped herbs as often as possible. These drinks quench your thirst best in the summertime. You should be wary of drinking alcoholic beverages in the heat of summer, as well as all carbonated colored drinks, which can only aggravate your thirst.

By the way, drinking freshly brewed green tea, sometimes causes a kind of bewilderment among tourists visiting Uzbekistan: “How can you drink hot tea in this heat!?” The whole secret is that it is the hot green tea that lowers the body temperature and therefore “cools” the person. For centuries green tea was drunk in large quantities in Uzbekistan, especially in the summer heat, in the shade of trees in some teahouse. This promoted rest and relaxation for a man who experienced the unforgiving glow of the summer sun.

  • There are more fresh fruits and vegetables, which is abundant in Uzbekistan, and all other Central Asian countries. For example, an excellent thirst-quenching product is melon (it contains a lot of antioxidants and potassium, which makes it indispensable in the summer heat). Fortunately, summer in Uzbekistan is the best season for fruit. Ripe sugary watermelons, apples, pears, cherries, cherries, figs, strawberries and raspberries – all these fruits contain fiber, which retains moisture in the body.
  • Also remember that in the period from 12 to 16 hours the sun’s rays are the most active, so if you still can’t avoid going outdoors at this time, you should cover your shoulders with a wet scarf.

And most importantly – take care of your head!!!

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