The 5 (Most) Important Reasons to Go to Uzbekistan!

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Don’t know where to go? The 5 most important reasons to go to Uzbekistan!

Picturesque Nature

The purest air, majestic mountains and plains, rushing rivers and landscaped deserts. The nature of Uzbekistan is rich in its contrasts. It has everything to satisfy the most fastidious connoisseurs of truly picturesque and luxurious nature. For lovers of outdoor activities in winter, there is a ski resort.

Ancient History

Bukhara, Khiva, Samarkand… Cities known to the world, keeping the history and legends, just looking at them can take you back in time to the time of Ibn Sina, Alisher Navoi, Tamerlane and Beruni. Architectural monuments of Uzbekistan are what attracts thousands of travelers from all over the world to Uzbekistan. Not a single pen, picture or painting can convey the whole range of colors, luxury of decoration, complicated ornaments and majesty of these ancient buildings.

National Uzbek cuisine

Uzbek people respect and keep the ancient recipes of national cuisine, that’s why Uzbek cooks are famous all over the world for their dishes. Every dish is a masterpiece, a work of art. Flavorful Uzbek pilaf, manty, samsa, rich soups, Samarkand flatbread and a huge number of juicy meat dishes. Every gourmand will find a highlight in this rich in flavors cuisine.

Great Shopping Opportunities

To visit this Eastern, wonderful country and not take a piece of sunny Uzbekistan with you? This is impossible. Wonderful ceramics, hand-made carpets, fruits of traditional craftsmen, fabrics, national costumes, famous knives made of Damascus steel, spices, fruits, nuts, baklava, honey… This list could be extended to many pages. You can find presents for your relatives and colleagues without any problem. Here is something that you will never find in any country in the world. That moment when you want everything at once. In Uzbekistan, a lot of interesting, necessary and useful things that can be a memorable souvenir and remind you or your family of the trip for many years.

Stable security

The primary issue in the country is the issue of security. In all cities there are a lot of patrols, the entrance to the subway is possible only after passing the police control, mass gatherings of people are always controlled by the appropriate services. In the major cities of Uzbekistan, a special inspection for safe tourism began its duties.

Well? Did you appreciate the full weight of our reasons? We hope that we dispelled the last doubts and the trip will come true. Problems with accommodation, transfers and guides will not arise, we guarantee it to you.

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