The Independent named Uzbekistan one of the best places for British tourists to vacation

An article published by the British online edition of The Independent called Uzbekistan one of the “Best places for tourist trips in 2022,” the Dunyot news agency reported today.

The editors compiled their ranking based on travel impressions received by travel writers. The top 10 includes not only Uzbekistan, but also the Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Canada, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Egypt and Bhutan.

Regarding our homeland, Tourism Editor Helen Coffey writes that Uzbekistan is a country at the center of the culturally and historically rich Silk Road and is “very intriguing.”

Prospective travelers from the United Kingdom are also told that they will not need visas to visit Uzbekistan because Britons have not been subject to visa requirements for the first 30 days of their stay in the republic for several years now.

Among the recommendations of the author of the article is the advice to visit international festivals, of which there will be especially many this year. Festivals and other major cultural events are invariably of interest to tourists visiting the country.

In particular, they may enjoy the “Lazgi” International Dance Festival in Khiva, the “Element” Electronic Music Festival in Muinak, the Lavender Festival in Kokand, the “Sharq Taronalari” International Music Festival in Samarkand, the “Silk Road” Literary Festival in Tashkent and Bukhara, the International Craft Festival in Kokand and the Tashkent International Film Festival.

British fans of architecture and art will be attracted by the new Center of Islamic Civilization and the reconstructed State Museum of Art.


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