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7 Days Of Tajikistan Tour - Pamir Mountains Tour


Country : Tadjikistan (Dushanbe - Kalaikhum - Khorog - Ishkashim - Langar - Murghab - Sari Tash)

Duration : 7 days / 6 nights

Group Size : Max 10 persons. Min 1 person

Tour Type : Nature, Advanture, Ecotourism

Activity Level : Hiking, Trekking

This is an unforgettable journey to the famous Pamir Mountains! You will enjoy the beauty of nature has preserved its beauty for thousands of years. Just see the beauty of the mountain lakes. The views of mountains and glaciers along the way are simply breath taking. The program ends at the border with Kyrgyzstan, where you can continue your journey through central Asia.

New Mountain Town

Arrival to Dushanbe

Departure to Kalai Khumb

Spectacular view of new mountain town - Roghun, the town of constructers of biggest Hydro Power Station in Central Asia and which is expected to have the highs Platinum in the World. Accommodation in Guest House.

Kalai Khumb

The road will follow near Panj River, a tributary of the mighty Amu Darya (the famous River Oxus). Khorog is the administrative centre of the Pamir region, dramatically set deep in the valley at the confluence of the Panj and Gunt rivers and boxed in by the mountain peaks.

Visit, to the Ethnographical Museum , Botanical Garden (one of the highest in the world) and the site of one of Central Asia's few university campuses.

Transfer to the hotel.

Free time - Overnight.


Breakfast at hotel.

You will discover Ishkashim was the point of entry into Badakshan region and the route taken by Marco Polo to see the local king.

Visit to Mineral Hot Spring Garm Chashma 7 km from main road to the left. On the back road from Spring visiting master of Pamiri musical instruments in Ghoron village. (NB. There is cross border Bazar between Tajikistan and Afghanistan every Saturdays. Afghan visa is not needed for this).

Free time - Overnight at Guest House.


Breakfast at hotel.

This is the Pamir branch of Silk Road. We will see the local shrines all with trophy heads of Marco Polo sheep and Ibexes hunted by locals with traditions dating back in history.

This part of the region is dotted with a variety of religious sites from Sufi shrines, Buddhist Stupas and Zoroastrian Fire Temples.

On the way visit to museum of the old castles and fortress Kah Kaha and Yamchun that once guarded this branch of the Silk Road, museum of local philosopher and scholar Sufi Muborak Vahani, sepulcher of Shoh Kambari Oftob, bathing in hot Sacred spring Bibi Fotimai Zahro in Vichkut, visit to Yamchun Fortress and Buddha Stupa in Vrang.

Vakhan folklore performance during the dinner.



Breakfast at hotel.

After breakfast you will leave the spectacular views of Afghanistan, with the ice-capped summit of the Wakhan Range, and the Pamir River which marking the border and crossing Khargushi pass you will come to Bulun kul and Yashil Kul Lakes, where we'll stay in the small hamlet of Bulunkul, either staying in yurts or a small guesthouse. The people living here are Pamiri tajiks and Kyrgyz pastoralists living in a harsh but hospitable environment.

Walking around the ruins of a caravanserai and solar calendar on the north side of Lake Yashil Kul.

Overnight in guest house.


Breakfast at guest house.

Leave to the spectacular views of Afghanistan, with the ice-capped summit of the Wakhan Range, and the Pamir River, which marking the border and crossing Khargushi pass, we will come to Murgab. Murgab is a quiet town with an only bazaar of the High Pamir region where Kyrgyz's and Tajiks live. Visit to handicraft shop in "Yak House".

Overnight in guest house.

Breakfast at hotel.

The views of mountains and glaciers along the way today are simply breath taking as the road takes us to the Ak Baital Pass (The White Horse Pass 4655m). This is the highest pass in the former USSR. Short visit to Karakul Lake and village.

This is indeed the "The Roof of the World" and the hidden site in this expanse of arid landscape is the stunning Karakul Lake, created millions of years ago by a meteorite and noted as one of the most geologically fascinating places on earth.

We will have an opportunity for a short walk along the lake. The surrounding area offers some spectacular views, which are especially dramatic with the sun setting over the nearby snow-capped mountains. After some time we will arrive to Tajik check post on the top of Kyzyl Art Pass.

Then we will drive toward Sari Tash and cross the Kyrgyz Border Post in Burdeba.

The tour ends in Sari.

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