City Tour In Tajikistan

Tajikistan is among the Central Asian countries which were historically the region through which the Great Silk Road route facilitating the trade between eastern and western civilization passed and the cities were important staging posts and caravanserais. Cities like Khujand, Istaravshan were along the route which are still in Tajikistan, while cities like Bukhoro and Khiva which had strong ties with the region are now in Uzbekistan.

Popular cities in Tajikistan:


The capital city of Tajikistan, it was historically a market in the crossroad which operated only in the Mondays (Dushanbe in Tajik means Monday). The modern city is lined with tall trees and benches with bazaars and markets in every corner. Fort Hissar, Gurminj Musical Instrument Museum, Museum of Antiquities, Tajikistan National Museum, Dushanbe Zoo are the tourist places located in the city.


Also known as Panjikent and Penjikent, this is a small town located in the Sughd province along the Zeravshan River. It was part of the Soghdian civilization. The main tourist attractions of this place are ruins of the Zoroastrian city, and a museum where the excavated items are showcased. The mountain backdrop of this town makes it even more beautiful.


Among the oldest cities of Central Asia founded back in 6th to 7th Century, located in the favourable geopolitical location along the Silk Road route, it was fortified town of Alexander the Great who conquered, rebuilt, fortified, and annexed it to his region and renamed it Alexandria Eskhata. Today, it is an important city of Tajikistan for industrial, scientific, cultural, and administrative purposes. There are many historical tourist spots, some of which are Khujand Fortress, Historical Museum of Sughd, Sheikh Muslihiddin mausoleum.


It is one of the historically prominent cities of Tajikistan located along the famous Silk Road route. Referred to as the museum city of Tajikistan, it has an astounding number of sightseeing options most of which date back to 4th to 6th BC. In the past, it was known by different names and was part of various dynasties. Historians suggest there were some 17 rulers and the city suffered more than 50 major attacks in its lifetime. Kok Gumbaz and Khazrat-i-Shokh Mausoleum built in 18th century are the major attraction of Istaravshan. Also present are museums, craft centers, mosques, and archaeological sites.


Murgab is an important administrative center of Tajikistan located 3,500 meters above sea level. It started off as a small village along the Murgab River and grew in prominence in 1893 when the Russians began construction of a post at the junction of Murgab River and Ak Baital, a mountain pass. While there's nothing much to see in the town itself besides admiring the mountain ranges, its close proximity to other significant tourist places is what makes this township special. Madianskaya Valley and hot springs are just 40 km from this town, lakes like Karakul, Sarez, and Zor Kul vary between 100 to 150 kilometers, and Shaimak Village from where stunning views of the Pamir Range are on offer is just 10 km.

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3 Days Tajikistan Tour

Today you will drive to Tajiksitan, to Khujand city. It is the second largest city of Tajikistan. It is situated on the Syr Darya River at the mouth of the Fergana Valley. The population of the city is 149,000.


4 Days Tajikistan Tour

Our guide will pick you up from the border and you drive to Dushanbe. On the way you will visit Hisor fortress (VII- XVII centuries). The entire day is dedicated to a guided city tour. First of all you will visit Rudake


7 Days Tajikistan Tour - Cultural Tour To Tajikistan

Our guide will meet you in the airport and accompany to the hotel. In the morning we will drive 35 km to visit Hisor fortress (VII- XVII centuries). This historical site has fortified areas and citadel. The fortress

Mountain Town

7 Days Tour in Pamir Mountains

This is an unforgettable journey to the famous Pamir Mountains! You will enjoy the beauty of nature has preserved its beauty for thousands of years. Just see the beauty of the mountain lakes. The views of


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