Absheron is a geographical region located in the eastern part of Azerbaijan, along the Absheron Peninsula that juts out into the Caspian Sea. It is known for its unique natural and historical features.

The Absheron Peninsula is characterized by a diverse landscape, encompassing sandy beaches, coastal cliffs, and semi-arid steppes. The region experiences a mild, subtropical climate with hot summers and relatively mild winters.

One of the prominent features of Absheron is the presence of numerous mud volcanoes, which are geological formations that spew mud and gases from the earth's crust. These natural phenomena create an otherworldly landscape and are a popular attraction for visitors.

Absheron is also home to several historical and cultural sites. The Yanar Dag (Burning Mountain) is a natural gas fire that has been burning continuously for centuries, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. Another notable landmark is the Ateshgah Fire Temple, a historical Hindu and Zoroastrian religious site where natural gas once fueled eternal flames.

The region is also known for its oil industry and the development of the country's oil fields. The offshore oil platforms and facilities dotting the Caspian Sea demonstrate the significance of Absheron in Azerbaijan's energy sector.


Tours to Absheron

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