Arslanbob travel guide

Arslanbob, in the southern parts of Kyrgyzstan, is an all year destination for skiing, hiking, horse riding and food enthusiasts set in the fairy-tale walnut forests.

Inhabitated by the most generous people in Kyrgyzstan, the village of Arslanbob with its striking setting is a must-visit for any visitor to the southern parts of Kyrgyzstan.

How to reach Arslanbob

Reached from Jalal-Abad via Bazar-Korgon, Arslanbob is also connected to Kyzylunkyur which is located 15 kilometres away from the Oregon-Talaa situated close to the Kara-Unkur valley.

Trekking In Arslanbob

Trekking is a well-established activity to the valleys and nearby hills of Arslanbob. You can visit the walnut woodlands walking through the red cliffs few metres away from the village area.

The two waterfalls that attract visitors seeking holy blessings, spiritual powers and magic lie on the trek path.

Hiking In Arslanbob

The dense walnut forest shade is a great place for wandering around leisurely during the high summers, picking up raspberries along your way. You can also possibly spot a racoon or maybe a deer or a donkey in the forest area.

However, there are no marked paths so you have to be careful while you choose one.

Some of the best-hiking sites include the high jailoos surrounding the mountains and the 2900m tall holy rock on your way up to Babish-Ata.

Skiing In Arslanbob

You might have to do some mountain hiking to reach the good ski slopes in Arslanbob since there are no ski-lifts. But in case you do not want to mountain hike or stay at the unheated mountain hut at the top, Arslanbob still offers you an easy cross-country skiing or you can call it the snow-shoe walking into the walnut forests.

The forest is covered with snow from October to March. January is the best, as the sun is not so strong and therefore the slopes are less likely to be sun-baked.

Alpine-Skiing In Arslanbob

Arslanbob is a pioneering destination for alpine skiing but safety measures here are very low. If you are prone to falling, you have to be extra careful while skiing.

Best Time To Visit Arslanbob

If you love walnuts, October is the best time for you to visit Arslanbob. The locals pick not only walnuts but other ripe fruits too to welcome their visitors.

The months of December and January have the best snow suitable for skiing and alpine skiing.

And if you prefer trekking or horse riding, you can travel during the months from April to October.

Other than the active holidaying options, Arslanbob is a great place to be at. You can sit on the doorstep and watch time pass by.


Tours to Arslanbob

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