Bokonbayevo travel guide

A picturesque village on the southern shore of Lake Issyk-Kul, Bokonbayevo draws in visitors with its combination of traditional Kyrgyz character and natural beauty. Bokonbayevo is located in between the Terskey Ala-Too Mountains and the shore of Issyk-Kul.

Bokonbayevo, a great briefing place for your trek into the Terskey Ala-Too, is located 1800m above sea level. Far from the crowded beaches of the northern Kyrgyzstan shores, you can still find sandy beaches and warm water to enjoy swimming or relaxing. The hot springs and waterfalls complete the essence of the place.

Yurts In Bokonbayevo

Renowned for its yurt camps and guest houses, Bokonbayevo grounds most of them right on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul. You can spend the night in a warm and cosy yurt before beginning your day by watching the sunrise complemented with boorsok and kumis.

A hearty meal of plov, beshbarmak and other traditional dishes will never disappoint your day’s hunger.

Bokonbayevo Festivals

Bokonbayevo entertains Kyrgyzstan’s biggest ‘Birds of Prey Festival’ every summer. Falconers demonstrate hunting techniques for different types of hawks, eagles and falcons and for big and small games with complete expertise and experience. Demonstrations and hunts for visitors is what attracts people to visit the festival.

The festival also hosts felt artisans, carpet weavers, talented performers, expert riders and master chefs. You can buy souvenirs, enjoy dance and music, cheer on horse games and races, see how handicrafts are made and taste the best of local dishes.

Bokonbayevo Museum

Located next to the war memorial in the town centre the Bokonbaeva Museum has a collection of paintings by local artists depicting eagle hunters, maraschino and other local landscapes creatively composed onto oddly shaped stones.

Altyn Oymok-Art And Craft In Bokonbayevo

Grounds to some of the best craft cooperatives who make shyrdaks and other felt products Altyn Oymok is well worth a stop to visit. Set up as a community development project, Altyn Oymok receives funding from the Central Asian Handicraft Association. The Association promotes the production of local handicrafts throughout the region

Terskey Ala-Too

An impartially unexplored area of the lake’s hinterland, Terskey Ala-Too is an almost unbroken moraine of 4,000m plus peaks most of which are unclimbed and hence unnamed.

Khan Debe

Close to the village of Tuura-Suu to the immediate south of Bokonbayevo, Khan Debe is the remains of an 8th-century establishment.

The 1km stretch of reinforcements and the large amount of pottery found at the site attracts a reasonable lot of visitors.


The 3,847m high Tash-Tar-Ata peak, 20km from Bokonbayevo is known to be sacred by the locals in the area. The best route that reaches the top of the Tash-Tar-Ata peak is a walk up through the grassy slopes on the southern side of the mountain rather than the densely forested northern sides.

Bokonbayevo promotes tourism in peace and unanimity with the town’s usual surroundings. Call us or visit our website to book your trip to Bokonbayevo while in Kyrgyzstan.


Tours to Bokonbayevo

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