Issyk-Kul travel guide

Lake Issyk-Kul meaning ‘the hot lake’, is the world’s second-largest alpine lake that stretches over 170km long and 70km across.

The lake boasts of a combination of extreme depth, mild salinity and thermal activity. The lake does not freeze even in the brutal Central Asian winters over an altitude of 1600m. Swimmers in the vivid blue waters framed by the remarkable backdrop of the snow-dappled Ala-Too mountains enjoy the beauty of the lake.

118 rivers and streams flow into the IssykKul Lake, Djyrgalan and Tyup being the largest of them. It is fed by springs, including many hot springs, and snow melt. The lake has no current outlet.

  1. on Ata Petroglyphs
  2. Get Outside On AKarakol City Walking Tour
  3. Fall In Love With The Jyrgalan Valley
  4. Stay AtBel Tam Yurt Camp
  5. Soak In The Hot Springs At AltynArashan
  6. Run Around The Fairy Tale Canyon
  7. Find Peace AtBarskoon Waterfall
  8. Visit The Seven Bulls At JetiOguz

The lake’s southern shore is overshadowed by the stunning TeskeyAla-Too Range of the Tian Shan mountains. The KungeyAlatau peak of the Tian Shan runs along with the northern shore of the IssykKul. Visit the beautiful mountains and the lake. Call us or visit our website.


Tours to Issyk-Kul

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