Manas Ordo

manas ordo

Manas Ordo travel guide

Considered to have a Mazar status the modern historical park of ManasOrdo built behind the ManasKümböz (Kyrgyz: Манастынкүмбөзү, [mɑnɑstɯnkymbœzy]) is a Karakhanid-era mausoleum. The Mausoleum built around 1334, is considered to be the final resting place of the Kyrgyz hero- Manas.

The Layout Of Manas Ordo

The mausoleum has stone sculptures, rock carvings and ancient burials of Sako-Usun. One of the 13 stones has the runic scripts in Kufic that tells about Yenisei Kyrgyz, the ManasGumbaz and a unique historical and architectural monument from the 14th century.

The mausoleum is enclosed within a park full of greenery known as the Manas Ata. Here you can witness the avenue lined with spruce trees. The fir trees were planted by the heads of the states. Visiting these places is always interesting and informative.

ManasOrdo Is Surrounded By Some Of The Most Beautiful And Picturesque Valleys And Has A Lot Of Activities In Its Surrounding Areas. Some Of Them Include-

  • Red Valley
  • Balloon Rides
  • Goreme Open – Air Museum
  • Kaymakli
  • Rose Valley
  • Pigeon Valley
  • Goreme National Park
  • Sultans Ceramic
  • Horseback Ridings

Background Of The Mausoleum-

The inscriptions on the mausoleum in Kufic script from the14th century reveal that it is dedicated to- ‘the most popular among the women, Kenizek-Khatun of Kyrgyzstan and the daughter of Emir Abuka, Kanikey. ‘

The mausoleum also has several religious declarations.

The Kyrgyz hero is believed to have been buried in the grounds of the Talas Province beneath the Ala-Too mountains. The mausoleum is a popular destination for Kyrgyz travellers and is believed to house the remains of Manas. Traditional Kyrgyz horsemanship games are held on the mausoleum grounds annually since 1995 during the warm days.

Originally, a different inscription was ordered for the tomb. However, Kyrgyzstan was cloaked by a tradition according to which the enemies destroyed the burial of the king. Therefore, Kanykei put a woman’s name on the tomb to preserve her husband’s tomb.

Places Of Attraction Around Manas Ordo

The town lies to the north-west of Kyrgyzstan on the Talas river valley midst the two mountain ranges. The city covers an area of 13 square kilometres and is the administrative centre of the region or rather the administrative headquarters of the Talas area.

Founded by East Slavic settlers in 1877 is the BeshTash national park that lies to the south of the five-rocks valley.

While there are still dissenters who do not believe the authenticity of the fact that ManasOrdo has the body of the epic hero- Manas, the site has nevertheless become a popular tourist destination and a spiritual site among locals. Call us or visit our website to book your tour to ManasOrdo with family and friends.


Tours to Manas Ordo

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