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Osh serves as the briefing point en route Pamir Mountains, Dostyk crossing to Uzbekistan, Irkeshtam Pass to China and the newly discovered trek-roads through the Alay Mountains. When you visit Kyrgyzstan, the Central Asian architectural beauties in Osh are impossible to be overlooked.

All about Osh

Find The Old Russian Airplane

The Soviet-era Yak-40 Aeroflot aeroplane can be found sitting in the relics of the Bygone era now decommissioned and dismantled.

Relish And Explore Osh’s Jayma Bazaar

The winding lanes of the Jayma Bazaar, the 2000-year old marketplace is the heart of the city’s trading centre.

The Jayma Bazaar fulfils your wish of nuts, spices and dry fruits. The picturesque quaint tile work at the entrance of the Bazaar with Cyrillic lettering is one of the largest in Central Asia.

Trek Into The Nearby Alay Mountains

The Alay valley is characterised by some of the most beautiful one-day and multi-day treks in Kyrgyzstan. The sometimes moderate and sometimes difficult trek offers you a series of turquoise alpine lakes and gorges that reach an altitude of 4,195 meters. While on the trek you will also pass the yak-filled high pasture or jailoo as the locals call it and can meet the local shepherds and their families.

The Alay mountain peaks also offer beautiful views of the Lenin Peak and the Pamir Mountains stretching out at a distance.

A Trip To Uzgen To Visit A Silk Road Mausoleum

Uzgen was once home to the ancient Turkic Karakhanid dynasty. The place is now the site of Silk Routes to an 11th-century minaret and a 12th-century mausoleum.

Photography tip: Late afternoon offers light at iconic angles pointing towards the mausoleum that contrasts with the snow-covered Pamir Mountains lying in the distance.

Visit The Osh Animal Market

  • The local tradition of livestock can be viewed in the Osh Animal Market.
  • Donkeys, horses, Sheep and cattle flock several times in a day.

Lepyoshka Bread

Bread is the staple diet in Osh. You can see different varieties of bread at bakeries and on the streets. As you walk through bazaars and restaurant outlets, you can spot bread stacked in piles in some corner.

The Lepyoshka bread stands out for its ubiquity, design and flavour baked in Uzbek-style. The Lepyoshka bread arrives at your table during almost every meal.

Climb Suleiman-Too (Solomon Mountain)

Climb the Solomon mountain or the Solomon throne to learn about Osh’s geographical and historical background. A walk up to the mountain-cum-sacred pilgrimage through the region’s Zoroastrian, Shamanistic and Islamic history will also give you an opportunity to visit a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The caves and niches dotted with petroglyphs and prayer relics follow up to a well-worn ‘fertility slide’ of the peaks. The mountains are also believed to be ground to a fortune and wish telling well, where visitors drop a coin to fulfil their wishes or to know their fortunes.

The Solomon mountains offer a deeper and quirkier dive into the Kyrgyz history. Archaeological enthusiasts can spend a day at the archaeological museum built in Soviet-style. The museum offers additional information on the pre-Islamic history of the country that includes information about the ‘The cult of the horse’.

Explore Osh to learn all about Kyrgyzstan’s culture and history through pictures, landscapes and stories from the mouth of the locals. Book your tickets to the city of Osh. Call us or visit our visit our website to plan your Osh trip.


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