Son-Kul Lake


Son-Kul Lake travel guide

Tourists come to Son-Kul to experience Kyrgyzstan’s pristine nature. Son-Kul is a mountain lake in northern Naryn Province, virtually in the center of Kyrgyzstan. The name translates from Kyrgyz as “the last lake”.

It lies at an elevation of 3016m and has a zone of around 270 km2 and a volume of 2.64 km3. The lake’s most extreme length is 29 km, expansiveness around 18 km, and the deepest point is 13.2 m. It is the second biggest lake in Kyrgyzstan after Issyk Kul Lake, and the biggest freshwater lake in Kyrgyzstan.

Encompassed by high mountain level, Son-Kul has no trees. The glades are rich and in this way are utilized by shepherds from Kochkor, Naryn and At-Bashi as summer pastures for their herds. Despite the fact that there are no trees on the high fields, there are a lot of herbs, including chamomile, sagebrush, lichen, monk’s top, and brilliant root, a considerable lot of which are prized for their medicinal characteristics.

Reaching Son-Kul Lake

There are four roads heading towards the Son-Kul Lake. One is from Sary-Bulak in the upper east; the second, from Naryn in the southeast, traverses through a sequence of at least over 30 switchbacks, and there is a bypass to a lovely cascade encompassed by woods; the third goes to Ak-Tal in the southwest; and the fourth goes past the coal mines of Kara Keche towards Chaek in the northwest. Please note these streets are closed by snow.

Weather Conditions

Kyrgyzstan’s second-biggest lake lies high in the mountains giving a wonderfully serene setting. Height keeps its temperatures low, with multi year-round normal of around – 3.5°C, a late spring temperature normal of around 11°C and winter solidifies down to – 20°C. The lake solidifies over in the winter and, with over 200 days of annual snow cover, access is very difficult most of the year. Snow can fall even in August and evenings frequently plunge underneath solidifying toward the start and end of the tourism season. Indeed, even in under ideal conditions – slanting precipitation, wind-driven slush, an electrical tempest popping around the shore – it is still completely exhilarating. Freezing temperatures deter all but the hardiest of swimmers and locals do not think it is wise.

Flora And Fauna

There are no trees at the lake, or in the encompassing slopes, however, in the season, there is a plenitude of high blooms, most eminently gentians, wild tulips and Edelweiss, and herbs, for example, sage and chamomile. The lake is wealthy in waterfowl and waders, with an aggregate of 66 animal species recorded that includes a few types of gull and duck, uncovered coots and the uncommon Indian mountain goose. Raptors are likewise very much spoke to with brilliant birds and different hawks display in summer giving a sensational bird watching experience. Transient flying creatures, for example, storks and cranes stop here on its passage. Creatures recorded in the region of the lake include foxes, deer, lynx, wolves and, obviously, marmots, which are ample in the encompassing slopes. The lake and its prompt shoreline is a piece of the Karatal-Japyryk State Reserve while the lake and shore are a piece of the Song-Kul Zoological Reserve.


Numerous shepherds will be glad to welcome sightseers and serve a cup of kumis, and even let guests spend the night on mats on the floor, however, it is still best to make arrangements in advance. There are a few yurt camps set up in the late spring to suit sightseers, finish with kitchens, toilets and washing offices (however they positively aren’t extravagance). It is advised to sort out trekking and horse riding trips from Son-Kul, enduring from an hour to multi-day.

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